Concern over the health of notaries and others injured by explosion in Yumbo, Valle


According to the medical report that was known this Friday, Salazar had deep second-degree burns on his face, chest, abdomen and extremities.

"And in addition, everything that leads to a burn of these, which affects renal, pulmonary and cardiorespiratory function," said Olga Lucía Pérez, coordinator of intensive care at the University Hospital del Valle, for RCN News.

The doctor said that the injuries that the notary had in the airways are common when this type of conflagration occurs indoors.

Explosion in Yumbo

Salazar and Sánchez arrived at this medical center because of the severity of the injuries, were operated on and transferred to the Intensive Care Unit. Both remain in serious condition, because "the burns are very extensive and deep".

Notary 2 workers, who have apparently exploded due to a gas leak, will continue to be intubated, sedated and connected to a mechanical ventilator "to see what the progress of burns is and where they are going," he added.

The other two women admitted to this hospital are "in the emergency room waiting for the surgeons of the Burning Unit to define the next step," Pérez added.

According to this medical bulletin, they have burns of 10% and 7% of their body, which despite being "serious, are much more stable."


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