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Chilean family awaits, in suspense, DNA test result – Other Cities – Colombia


The legal situation of Juan Guillermo Valderrama, the boyfriend of Ilse Ojeda, the missing Chilean citizen, has not yet been defined after more than eleven hours of hearings where the Bucaramanga 14 control judge legalized the capture and the selective search was conducted based on of data. The lawsuit will continue this Monday, at 2 pm, at the Judicial Service Center of the capital, Santander, where they will begin with the imputation of charges.

"It's an audience where the prosecution is asking for some evidence and was made under reserve, so the defense did not oppose … the prosecution requested them and we do not oppose, so they granted them and as yesterday (this Saturday ) The day was so terrible, that we finished at three o'clock and today (this Sunday) at midnight, then we were summoned for tomorrow at two o'clock, "said Flor Alba Cely de Vera, Juan Valderrama's lawyer.

The hearings began this Saturday, April 27, at 9 o'clock in the evening. That same day, Valderrama was captured for being the alleged perpetrator of the disappearance in Bucaramanga of Ilse Amory Ojeda, whose whereabouts have been unknown since March 29.

In principle, the Prosecutor's Office will accuse Valderrama of the crime of forced disappearance, but if it is found that the remains are from Ojeda, the crime of femicide will also be imputed to him and he will ask for a security measure in a prison center..

Meanwhile, Alejandra Ojeda, sister of the disappeared, arrived in the country on Sunday. He assured that "he is nobody" to forgive Valderrama, but that he always knew he could be responsible. In turn, Ilse's son arrived in Bogota, where DNA tests were carried out to determine if the bones found belonged to his mother.

According to the Public Ministry, on March 31 Valderrama would have paid 200 thousand pesos for a man who was found at a traffic sign from Bucaramanga to help you burn a supposed cow, arguing that he had been shot down in a ravine.

To burn the animal, they bought 15 thousand pesos of gasoline and 14 thousand of firewood and went to the village of Portachuelo, in the municipality of Rionegro, in Santander, where the remains were burned.

The witness said that when they arrived at the they found something that was already burntbut Valderrama said that it is important that it be well burned.

After this testimony, the authorities made an incursion into the house of Valderrama, in the neighborhood Cristal Bajo de Bucaramanga, where They found fluids – which could be drops of blood– which are being analyzed.

In testimony Valderrama gave to the authorities, he said that the disappearance would have occurred on March 29, but in the second testimony he said it was April 5 and that he was confused. However, in an interview with EL TIEMPO on April 23, he stated that he disappeared on March 29. Valderrama was captured by the toll safety cameras located between Bucaramanga and Rionegro on March 31 at 1:19 p.m. and 2:10 p.m. m.

In addition, authorities have found remains of skeletons in the path indicated by the witness. Beside them was a plate and bolts that matched Ojeda's morphology, which was operated on the arm and knee and fixed these elements.

In addition, other tests found at the site, such as a shoe, apparently made in Chile, and a ring that match the characteristics of those she used, are analyzed, as reported by the Police.

The authorities revealed that last February, the woman acquired life insurance for 100 million pesos whose beneficiary is the one captured.

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