Friday , October 22 2021

"Better than sex": The comparison of a player at work with a Spanish coach


Speaking to the British media Sky Sports, the Brazilian side Dani Alves made a particular comparison in gratitude to the Spanish coach Pep Guardiola, with whom he lived one of the most fruitful moments with Barcelona, ​​where he won different national and international titles.

Better than sex! Alves then compared the work done with the Spaniards: "Guardiola is the best coach I ever worked with, better than sex. It was all done for me to come to Manchester City and it was not a family decision, I talked to Pep and I knew that my intention was working with him again, he knows the gigantic appreciation I have for him, "said the player.

As for José Mourinho, coach of the Manchester United, the words were not so positive.

"I like to work with people who compete with people who want to win. I was close to working with him, I was about to get to Chelsea before I got to Barca," said the player, who also added: "I already assumed it would I do not know if he got any different information, he did not want to leave or anything, because since then our relationship has not been so good, but it was not my fault. "

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