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The company Bavaria announced an additional investment in the loyalty campaign.


The Poker brand has announced other loyalty investments.


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March 26, 2019, at 11:51 p.m.

The initiative of the Bank of the Amistad, promoted by Bavaria, is going well. This Tuesday the beer presented the first balance, which highlights the registration of four million users in the digital platform.

A month after the start of the operation, they rescued eight million tapas from the Poker brand, with 500 pesos and corresponding to 4,000 million pesos. Similarly, 2,000 group accounts were registered.

We will allocate an additional 500 million pesos to encourage savings plans

"The results obtained after the investment were positive, so that for this second month, we will invest another 500 million in prizes and savings plans," said Thor Borresen, vice president of marketing for Bavaria.

According to Borresen "the branch of the bank located in the financial zone of Bogotá moves thousands of peoples every week and the digital platform has positioned itself as an opportunity to create a savings plan for the country. "

Also Renault, Juan Valdez and McDonald's joined the initiative so consumers could access their products and services with bonus or redemption codes.


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