Bancolombia, leader in talent retention


In the most recent Merco Talento study, which identifies the 100 largest companies that stand out for talent retention in Colombia, Panas Bancolombia and Nutresa were in first and second places.

In order to establish Merco's measurement, more than 55,649 surveys and eight sources of information were carried out considering three values: quality of work, employer's brand and internal reputation.

While Bancolombia and Nutresa obtained tens of 10,000 and 9,964 points (out of 10,000), Ecopetrol, third in the ranking, reached 9,505, followed by Alpina and Sura with 9,261 and 8,796, respectively.

About measurement, Catalina Londoño, director of Merco Colombia, said that "this monitor allows us to assess what different audiences think about companies that they consider to be more capable of attracting and retaining talent, taking into account variables related to the quality of work, such as salary." and professional development. "

Bancolombia this year became the most important company of the ranch, in 2018 came in second place. Regarding the improvement in measurement, the company said through a press release that "it is the result of the value proposition that we have consolidated over the years and that today allows us to have about 22,000 employees in Colombia, 37% men and 63% women , honest people who live our values ​​and achieve excellent results, "he said Juan Carlos Mora Uribepresident of Bancolombia.

Sura completed another excellent performance from seventh to fifth place between 2018 and 2019. The company supports performance in employee dialogue, training and knowledge management. "The results of this monitoring motivate us to continue working to qualify practices that promote the well-being and competitiveness of our human talents. We are convinced that we are the people who achieve the transformations demanded by the environment," he said. Luz Marina Velásquez Vallejo, Vice President of Human Talent at Seguros Sura Colombia. "

The measurement found that, of the total number of companies studied, 39% were based in Bogota. On the other hand, 26% refer to multinationals, while 23% of companies are based in Medellin. Finally, Cali, with 3%, and Costa with 4% also stood out in the geographical discrimination of the study.

"We managed to increase the total sample of the field by 18% over last year, highlighting the participation of workers who increased their collaboration by 16%, which allows us to have a large and robust sample," added Londoño. .

Among the companies that rose the most in the ranking compared to last year stand out IBM, which rose 50 positions and was located in 33; Alquería, which increased from 76 to 30, and the Aviatur Group, which climbed 33 positions.


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