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Attack on uniformed troops by police in N. de Santander

A mighty police officer took the balance of the attack at dawn on Saturday from all units of the Traffic and Transport Department of the Northern Police Department of Santander.

It has been registered in the sector of La Ondina, on which route from Ocaña leads to Río de Oro (Cesar).

In accordance with the preliminary inquiries, the police had installed a control and prevention facility when, under the circumstances of the investigation, they received information about the presence of armed men and hacked persons in the area who were attacked with weapons. from fuego, al seem, from a house that was uninhabited.

In the end he lost his life to the patrolman Miller Torres Cepeda, 36 years old, who was transferred by his companions to an Ocaña hospital center, but with vital signs.

Torres was cucuteño, and had worked 18 years and seven months in the institution.

The police rejected the sign and signal that in this area of ​​the country the company was ‘Capitán Francisco Bossio’ and the ‘Camilo Torres’ front of Eln.

In coordination with the military assets and the general inspectorate of the nation has deployed the actions to identify and capture those responsible for it.

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