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Astronomer assured that humanity must come to Mars – Europe – International

Some governmental space agencies such as NASA and the European Space Agency have been able to explore other planets, but now there are no alarms that dispel the immediate need to leave Tierra.

Sin embargo, the opinion of a Polish astronomer has reopened the debate on the relevance of migrating to Mars in the shortest possible time.

"Our planet is mitigated by various space disasters and phenomena that may appear unexpectedly on its surface. Better if mankind slowly began to think about living in other bodies of the Solar System, but, rather, moving more"said the scientific Weronika Sliwa of the Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw (Poland), who gave an interview to the Polish Press Agency (PAP, for its acronyms in Polish).

Among the risks of the outer space that faces the human species, according to the expert, is found the impacts of asteroids on the earth's surface. También is the solar storms, which consists of particles emitted by explosions from the surface of the sun that lead to the earth and can cause problems in the electrical and communication networks.

For Sliwa, Mars must be the first destination in exploring humankind, and considers that technological advances are increasingly close to the possibility of taking humans to the planet. "From hecho, for now it seems that there are technical possibilities for a manned expedition to Mars", I said.

Nevertheless, I recognized that these missions had high risks. Among them is the economic cost that aerospace entities must assume to put a march on a mission with astronauts. "It will simply cost a lot more than anybody wanted to sacrifice now"dijo.

Sliwa insisted that it all depends on the voluntary policy of the governors.

Other catastrophic events that are expuesto our planet, es a sprout of rayos rayos gamma , a rare succession that consists of being connected to the atmosphere of several electromagnetic waves including could destroy some of the ozone cloak and poner all the way through life, according to a NASA article.


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