Aquarius – Thursday June 20, 2019: a guess that will be very wise | Aquarius Horoscopes


Astrological News: The Moon is moving from Capricorn to Aquarius in the numerological vibration of the two. The planets Jupiter and Saturn, as well as the planetoids Pluto and Ceres are retrograde. Uranus, his ruler, is in Taurus.

There are several aspects of Uranus that are sextilities, trills and very intense conjunctions. Enjoy everything that is happening in your life and do not deny the possibility of being happy. If an unexpected trip appears next to a person you know little, but who can be interesting, do not dispense and accept it. Live your adventure!

You are very intuitive because now your sixth sense wakes up and helps you focus on what you are interested in. Money will flow to you in a new company. A friend you have not seen in a long time meets you and both share very pleasant memories.

What kind of metal favors you, according to your zodiac sign


The sextile of tomorrow shocks everything. Someone who has already meant a lot to you will want to reappear in your sentimental landscape, but if you feel good now and overcome the crises of the past, do not get emotional with an unstable person full of traumas.

Good day out for a great outdoor walk, weather permitting. This will inspire you mentally and physically, try to do it when you finish your daily work if you propose that you can always do it.

If your current employment conditions limit your movements, start looking for another activity before your current frustration makes you apathetic in your job and major problems occur. You need more independence in your professional life!

The look of each sign


Money and fortune
You begin to envisage different economic alternatives that you have so far not considered. Review them because they can be very promising and although they are not now producing what you expected, little by little you will see results.

Today's astral biorhythms
Sexual energy level on Thursday: high.
Cosmic dynamics that you must take advantage of: the sudden desire or interest that has come to you to start a new project.
Thursday's dangerous trend in his Aquarius sign: relegating something important to the bottom.
What should I avoid ?: the loss of time for non-constructive conversations

Forecast for this day Thursday
The best relationship today: this Thursday things will go very smoothly if your partner is a sign of air.
The most tense relationship: it can arise with a Taurus native.
Its current compatibility: there is good compatibility, especially with air, and with fire and especially with the sign of Sagittarius or Lion.
If you are single or single: from the solstice cycle that begins tomorrow, you will enjoy a stage full of unsuspected joys until now.

You will feel like helping others


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