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America celebrates victory and standings against Nacional

Seeing the Easter warrior dressed in red is a major motivation for Michael Rangel. In the last game in which America's fans were massively in the stands, the Santander striker celebrated twice. At the height of a major poster game, it was screened again this Saturday on the San Fernando neighborhood stage.

Shortly after the end of the first half, with more intent to attack than the action of the residents, Rangel, with his back to the goal, caught the balloon after a header from Segovia to the center of the area after a corner kick, and with the right guayo's instep he scratched the grass. The action generated that the Chilean was more rebellious to José Fernando Cuadrado, who extended sterile. Golazo (42) who activated the noise in the stadium.

Cali Shield / America Flag

America's insistent attack on the left early in the game generated this before 9 minutes, Helibelton Palacios and Daniel Bocanegra will play conditioned after their warnings, generated by the combinations between Velasco and Vergara, of whom the & # 39; scarlet & # 39; hung until Palacios swapped positions with Daniel Muñoz, and with a sharper mark on that side, the & # 39; sparked attacks on the right-hand sector, where the first doorstop originated. Sierra played at the base of the left post, where Square arrived and got the ball.

As absent from the game as he was from the opposite area, Hernán Barco wandered; Candelo isolated and without a first fine pass from Rovira. Nacional failed to score a hendija in America's consistent defensive block, reinforced by the front line midfield trident. The green and white dresses had no more lights the first time than a tunnel without the use of Jarlan Barrera for Marlon Torres.

National Flag / Shield

Colorless League leaders Pompilio Páez looking for someone to turn on the lights, excluded Rovira and Boats from the field and replaced them with Ceppelini and Cucchi. The & # 39; Greenfinches & # 39; had only moments of rebellion with Yerson Candelo, in an action that Barrera defined in the crossbar. They also tried to generate amplitude by right with Muñoz and Palacios, who also failed to overcome the voice acting on the mark of the disciplined team led by Alexandre Guimaräes.

Most practical and with a high dose of effectiveness was America. There was no news from the archers until the functional Carlos Sierra connected with Vergara, who in his diagonal acceleration towards the arch left Muñoz on the road and face to face with Square, touched the ball with the right inner edge in the opposite and raised the second goal for the scoreboard (68). So the match went on with the same dynamics. National hoping to generate depth after left amplitudebut without cohesion and America very firmly in its containment.

Nacional only saw Cadavid's face in the final moments when he kicked Cucchi near the goal line. In the play, the visitors also claimed a penalty. However, at the time of addition, the goalkeeper & # 39; scarlet & # 39; allowed Baldomero Perlaza to lead him in his area and get the discount (90 + 1). Nacional ended up panicking in the area but lost his first league game away from his stadium. However, he remained in the lead (33 points). And the US won for the first time after seven games. Guimarães reached 32 points and celebrated the ranking among the eight.


Cepellini (62 & # 39; Brayan Rovira), Patricio Cucchi (62 & # 39; boats), Jeison medina (77 & # 39 ;, Duván Vergara), Juan Pablo Ramirez (77 & # 39; Helibelton Palacios), Jefferson Murillo (88 & # 39; Matias Pisano), Pedro Franco Rafael Carrascal (94)


1-0, 42 & # 39 ;: Michael Rangel, 2-0, 68 & # 39 ;: Duván Vergara, 2-1, 90 & # 39: Perlaza Baldomero


Helibelton Palaces (4 amarelo, yellow) Daniel Bocanegra (9 amarelo, yellow) Michael Rangel (33 amarelo, yellow) Daniel Muñoz (38 amarelo, yellow) Edwin Velasco (74 Amarelo, Yellow) Cepellini (82 amarelo, yellow

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