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After the major upgrade to Windows 10 October 2018 Update for its numerous errors, Microsoft releases the following feature update for its operating system, with the name May 2019 Update. The development of what we have now known as Windows 10 19H1 consisted of more than 30 builds for Insiders and finally reaches all audiences.

Windows 10 1903 does not introduce many new features. The upgrade focuses above all on improving operating system performance, bug fixing, and design improvement with a new, much more consistent and clear theme. In this article we will review everything that comes with the Windows 10 May 2019 Update.

Design Fluent and new light theme

We have had some time without seeing the changes on the login screen and surprisingly has not changed much since the time of Windows 8. At the moment, everything remains the same, but now, upon entering our credentials, let's see how the background is diffused using the so-called acrylic effect.

Lock screen with acrylic background

The other great news that comes with this update is the new clear topic. It had already been seen in some Microsoft events and in the form of concepts, but there were many users who kept insisting on this need. At the end of the day, it did not make much sense for the taskbar, action center, and Start menu to fit better only with the dark theme.

So, after the company led by Satya Nadella adapted the dark theme to the file explorer, is the Windows shell that ends up benefiting from the clear theme. In addition, the icons for some applications, such as Mail and the Microsoft Store, adapt to the new style, along with many of the contextual menus.

Clear topic

The Start Menu will now be less useful when running clean installations of Windows 10 and all of them will be grouped in the same column. In addition, it operates internally in a separate process, avoiding system crashes when it takes a little longer to open. This is quite common in equipment that works with mechanical hard drives.

Another small improvement in design and accessibility is that the buttons for shutdown, suspend and restart are now accompanied by a small icon. This is visible in the Start Menu and lock screen. To end this section, we should also know that we can unpack folders and groups of blocks without having to go one by one.

Turn off, suspend, and restart icons

The search improves and Cortana divorces

Windows Search is one of the top players in Windows 10, 2019. By default, Windows 10 has created the search index by using our library of documents, pictures, music, the Start menu, Outlook, and OneNote. However, now with "enhanced mode", you can search the entire team.

Although we may delete folders from this new index, it is possible that the team takes some time to search through all of our files. In addition, during the creation of the index, we will notice an intensive use of CPU and a remarkable reduction in the duration of the battery. We can enable it in Settings> Search> Searching in Windows.

Windows Search Options

In addition, Microsoft has renewed the search experience to adapt it to the clear theme along with the effects of Fluent Design. By clicking on the magnifying glass icon, we will see the latest activities (according to the Timeline feature) and our most frequently used applications.

In addition, Cortana is relegated to the background, while Microsoft continues to work on giving you new conversational functions, and will activate the microphone automatically by clicking its icon to receive our voice commands.

New search interface

The center of actions comes to life

Up until now, customizing the activities center was complex. Although, for example, Android is something really intuitive, in Windows 10 was necessary to find the right option within the myriad of options offered by the application Configuration.

Now by right-clicking on the actions and choosing the "Edit Quick Actions" option, we can change the order in which they are displayed and delete the actions that we consider unnecessary. After all … How many people use tablet mode on a desktop computer?

Edit actions in the activity center

But that's not all because now users of tablets and laptops with brightness control will not be limited to 25, 50, 75 and 100% options to adjust it. At the bottom, a slider appears that allows us to set the brightness to our liking.

Kaomojis and new emoticons

Few have heard of the kaomojis, but many have sent and received them without knowing exactly what they were. In this article, we could do a detailed analysis on these symbols of Japanese origin; however, an emoticon is worth a thousand words, so let's leave it in … ¯ _ (ツ) _ / ¯

With the Windows 10 May 2019 Update, when you open the emoticons panel (with the combination Windows + (.)), Let's have a section to add these kaomojis. In addition, we have more emoticons thanks to the inclusion of Emoji 12 with this operating system update.

Emoji 12 and kaomoji

Cut and annotation and capture windows

The Crop and annotation application is the natural substitute for the Crop tool. Microsoft has worked so that the modern application is up to the task and has all the features of the old tool. With the update, clipping, and annotation of Windows 10 May 2019, you can now capture application windows.

So far, the alternative was to make a rectangular or screen capture and then crop the image. However, now We can perform this same process with a single click. Remember that you can open Crop and annotate with the Windows + Mayus + S key combination.

Capture windows with cut and annotation

Windows Sandbox takes protection to a new level

The latest Windows 10 updates are heavily on security. Windows Defender Application Guard allowed you to run the Microsoft Edge browser in an isolated environment, preventing the execution of scripts and malware on the client computer. In this way, an independent memory zone with limited access is created.

Windows Sandbox comes with the May 2019 update to take this feature to a new level. Once activated, we can open a complete Windows environment within that isolated memory space. Everything we do there does not affect our system and changes are lost every time we close it.

Windows Sandbox

In addition, Windows Defender offers a new experience to show more details about detected threats. Controlled access to folders prevents certain processes from modifying the files in the indicated folders, which is a great brake against the latest ransomware threats.

We found a new vulnerability protection section in the "Application and Browser Control" section that allows us to enable or disable the different protection measures designed to mitigate Specter and Meltdown attacks.

Mitigating against Spectrum and Meltdown

Finally, another great news of the security section is "Protection against change". If this setting is enabled, third-party applications will not be able to access Windows Defender to modify its features. It is recommended to keep it turned on if we use this antivirus as the main one.

Windows Update is more intuitive and smart

Microsoft has redesigned the Windows Update page in the May 10, 2019, Windows Update so that it is easier for users to use and configure. For example, options to pause updates or change active times appear just below the "Check for Updates" button.

Active hours, which were previously set from 8 to 17, become a little smarter. Windows will study our usage habits and adjust active hours automatically if you enable the option.

When your computer requires a reboot to install updates, a Windows Update icon with an orange dot appears in the system tray. This icon will also appear next to the shutdown and restart buttons in the Start menu.

On computers that come with Windows 10 or Factory 1903 installed from scratch, Windows Update will reserve approximately 7 GB of storage for the operating system and application updates. In this way, Microsoft avoids many errors and corruptions when it comes to update motivated by lack of space.

It will reach 7GB

Finally, the new Windows Update policy will only install cumulative updates. In this way, feature updates like this become optional for the user for 18 months (the support time for each version of Windows 10). After this period, the operating system will automatically update as it has been doing so far.

Providing more control over the system

Users will have more control over the operating system in Windows Update May 10, 2019. As part of this premise, Microsoft allows us to uninstall many of the applications included in the operating system, that includes:

  • 3D Viewer
  • Calculator
  • Calendar
  • Groove
  • Mail
  • Movies & TV
  • 3D painting
  • piles
  • Self-adhesive notes
  • Voice recorder

From the Configuration application, you can modify the settings of the Ethernet connection without going to Control Panel. Another possibility will be to establish it as a connection for measured use. This is very useful for many 4G modems configured as a local area connection to increase their compatibility.

Ethernet Configuration

In addition, under Accounts> Login options, we see a major new design. It is much easier to configure the different possibilities, traditional and dependent on Windows Hello. In addition, we can choose the option "Physical Security use an FIDO2 device that avoids passwords.

The Windows 10 May 2019 Update will monitor the potential issues that arise with our team based on the data collected in the event viewer and will propose different solutions automatically. These recommendations will appear under Update and Security> Troubleshooting.

Automatically troubleshoot issues

Similarly, The experience to restore our staff was a bit confusing. It was not easy to distinguish the possibilities allowed to keep our files and applications and we eliminated everything completely. Under Update and Security> Recovery, a new wizard has been introduced to guide us through the different possibilities.

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