Tuesday , May 11 2021

Alias ​​captured Samir chief of El Salado, in Commune 13

In his Twitter account, the mayor of Medellín, Federico Gutiérrez, reported the capture of the pseudonym Samir, a delinquent named in Commune 13, in the west of the city.

"Alias ​​captured" Samir "main leader of the criminal group" El Salado ", which generated terror in Commune 13, leading the collection of extortion to the residents and selective homicides. , wrote the local president in the social network, without specifying the circumstances surrounding the official procedure.

Samir Alexánder Jaramillo Cartagena, known as Samir, was captured on Saturday afternoon while driving a car on a road in Aranjuez, and was intercepted by police officers. Sipol and Sijin.

He identified with a fake ID, but the agents who had been with him for several months suspected that the man wore a wig with which he tried to go unnoticed and disguised his appearance in front of the one on the poster of the most wanted in the city.

On Sunday a guarantor control court issued a guaranty measure in El Pedregal prison and tomorrow, at a news conference, Mayor Gutierrez and the police will give more details about the capture.

Samir began delinquency in the La Sexta combo, which operates in the neighborhood of Betania, but last year he separated from this group and went on to the El Salado combo. He forged a union with the combo La Torre and generated a violent confrontation against his former allies of the Bethany neighborhood, led by his old friend Juancito. That confrontation caused about 15 murders last year, including public bus drivers.

Since mid-June, authorities in the capital of Antioquia have attacked the search of Alexander Jaramillo Cartagena, known as Samir, who, according to judicial investigators, ordered multiple homicides in Commune 13.

For this man was offered a reward of 20 million pesos.

According to General Gómez Heredia, the man was one of the most wanted in Commune 13, and on him weighed arrest warrants for conspiracy crimes to commit a crime and murder.

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