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Aida Merlano got married 2 times and then got back to the Atlantic by the "TLC" of the Gerlein clan

He embraced his political life very young, since he was 15 years old, and when he was 28, he was the congressman with the largest vote in the Atlantic. In that region a barrile leader of the so-called clan Gerlein, one of the most powerful of Colombia, became.

According to the journalist Laura Ardila, quoted by CM &, this political clan has become very famous in the Caribbean because it created the famous TLC (The Tiles, Tiles and Cement), which handed over to this region the exchange of votes.

About her personal and loving life, she was even more certain that Aída Merlano was very ambitious and had some anxieties for power. Moreover, he insures that the first marriage of the excongressist was with a taxi driver; and I got married with a demobilized Epl.

“This is where the empire feels the political power of Julio Gerlein. Seductive and ballerina par excellence, Aida has been winning hearts and changing her economic stratum ”, describe CM &.


Ardila, for his part, assures that the ex-congressman has an affective and public personal relationship with the entrepreneur Julio Gerlein, considered one of the great contractors in Colombia. “Aída Merlano rose like palm and bajo like coconut,” concludes Laura Ardila.

Tiempo, on the other hand, acknowledges that, on account of his testimonies, Merlano says that Gerlein was the one who handled his headquarters and knew everything that happened with the buying of votes.

“This seat, according to the fall of the Court, functioned as a criminal enterprise whose purpose was to obtain the purchase of votes for the electoral pasts in which Merlano was elected as a senator,” describe El Tiempo.

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