Accusations of homicide aggravated by the extraordinary "perversity" in the deadly castration of Correa


Case of Daniel Correa The Civil Police pleads charges against Edison Brittes and two guests

"Everyone leaves the car to castrate Daniel Correa"

Correa's deadly cast: fire and a butcher's knife

The disappointment of Edison Brittes to the police to get rid of

Tthree weeks of hard work Civil Police of Paraná, which held up to seven prisons, closed its investigation into the castration of Daniel Correa and filed charges against the alleged guilty party.

The video of the party in which Daniel Correa was castrated and murdered

The entrepreneur Edison Brittes (Assassin admitted and the husband of woman with whom Daniel Correa is photographed in bed) Respond to accusations of qualified homicide and concealment of the corpse, in accordance with & # 39; The Globe Sports & # 39;.

They were also charged with the same charges Eduardo da Silva, King Ygor and David William da Silva, three of the guests who helped Brittes torture Daniel Correa with savagery, which was beaten and neutralized until Edison Brittes in an outburst of jealousy with the intention of decapitating him causing death.

The disappointment for the police to get rid of the murder and mutilation of Daniel Correa

In Brazil, it is considered "qualified homicide" when murder occurs in "extraordinary circumstances of censure or perversity" as wicked, segmentation O intent to deliberately increase pain .

Allana (daughter of Edison Brittes) and Cristiana (wife of Edison Brittes) were accused of coercion to a witness and procedural fraud (They tried to fool the police with their statements).

CO As interpreted by Daniel Correa in São Paulo

Daniel Correa, a São Paulo player loaned to the SoBento Sports Club, was found dead and maimed on October 27 after watching Allana Brittes' birthday party.

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