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Accident in a work in Cerro Nutibara covers a life

A landslide occurred in the medium of this trip on the Nutibara Hill has now gone to a burial and other inheritance, as reported by the Administrative Department of Disaster Risk Management (Dagrd) of Medellin.

The hecho, which is given in the vicinity of the access of the avenue 33 of this tutelary hill, affects that of the men who adelantan work of stabilization of lands for a work of Alcantarillado.

Al respecto, Diego Moreno, deputy director of Dagrd Disaster Management, said: “We have dispatched the bomber machines, and will find a place where they will find stabilization work, part of this process if they come down and bury them. One of them, 24 years old, could be rescinded and moved immediately to an assistance center with a possible fracture of the hip, but was conscious and stable ”.

However, another worker who was rescued from inside the mound of the hill is not found vital signs, as expelled by Deputy Director Moreno.

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At the moment the Alcalía de Medellín develops a project of renovation in the hill, which will incorporate it a cultural path and other sport in its ascension. Moreover, on top of it the renovation of the traditional Pueblito Paisa, which will incorporate a new platform in the sector in which the parking lot was located. All that is invested $ 40,500 million.

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