A song on the move made fans of Legarda and Luisa Fernanda W cry.


& # 39; Letter to my best friend & # 39; It was the title chosen by the singer for the song that pays homage to Legarda.

"Since you left and I could not say goodbye and life took us by surprise, I demanded all the strength not to cry", says part of the first verse of the song.

In addition, he tells Legarda that when she dies, he hopes to meet him and that he would like this song to be a lie. "Life will not come to me to miss you"he said.

In just 2 hours, the Itzza Primera video exceeded the 120,000 reproductions and the 8 reviews.


"I could not hold back the tears", "You made me cry", "It's inevitable not to cry", "You screwed up my soul" O "I cried", were some of the messages from Instagram users.

You & # 39; Luisa Fernanda W also gave her opinion on the song and said the following:

"What a beauty, an endless love, our heart will always be your home."

Next, the music video that Itzza Primera dedicated to Legarda and the screenshot of some of the comments that the publication had:

Comments for Itzza Primera
Comments for Itzza Primera / Intsgagram


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