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A Rosary lord in the White House

After the resignation of Julen Lopetegui, the team led by Solari won their 4 appearances with an average of 3.5 goals per game. These numbers distinguish the best match of a coach in his 116 years of club history.

"Solari has a complex personality, despite understanding Nietzsche, he comes from a family of great football professionals who, when they stopped playing, returned to the amateurism of irregular blocks and old balls to teach football with wisdom, cunning and Santiago sacrificed all this since childhood, so it is prudent not to underestimate him, under his impeccable suit there is a ball full of mud, "Jorge Valdano brilliantly defined for Rosario 42 years.
It is not a minor issue for Argentine football that, despite the absurdities of its ineffective and corrupt management class, continues to stand out in the ball field. Santiago Solari officially became the fourth Argentine coach in Real Madrid's history after Luis "Yiyo" Carniglia (1957/59), Alfredo Di Stefano (1982/1984 and 1990/91) and Jorge Valdano. (1994/1996).
Santiago comes from a family of football players with history. His father, Eduardo Solari, his brothers Esteban and David, and his uncle Jorge "el Indio", were professionals and even his cousin Natalia married Fernando Redondo, one of the five best in history. "Newell's was my first club with 8 years, and there will always be an emotional tie, although paradoxically my former champion and symbol of the Central," he said some time ago. At age 10 he began traveling the world with his father. He did inferiors in Tenerife, Mexico, Columbia Junior, Platense, Rosario Central and Stockton College in the United States until the age of 19 when Renato Cesarini passed. The following season, he was hired by River Plate, a club in which he made his first debut with Francescoli. "To encircle Enzo and embrace his genius, perhaps the 800 pages of Tolstoy's novel were needed to describe the player, the scorer, the idol, the leader, the team-mate." The statistics would be an illustrative beginning: so many games, so many goals so many teams, so many titles or history, "said Solari, who at the time was a footballer who could quote the Russians without disrepair, although his favorite has always been Borges. Because of all this, because of this way of being around the world, he never wanted to have a representative. In River he won two Apertura Tournaments, a Clausura and the 1977 South American Super Cup.
In January of 1999 Atletico Madrid happened for two seasons, the last one with the contradiction to undergo the descent and, at the same time, to be contracted by Real Madrid to be part, next to Fernando Redondo, of the equipment denominated "The Galactic ones ". , Luis Figo, Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo and David Beckham. "Everyone assumes that from outside the doors they call us galactic, figures or stars, but we all know each other from the inside and we know how we are, no one behaves differently, inside we are all the same" In the five years he remained in White House won two leagues, two Spanish Super Cups, one Champions League (the Ninth Champions League), one European Super Cup and one Intercontinental Cup.
He then spent three seasons at Inter Italy, where he added three consecutive Serie A titles, one Italian Cup and two Italian Supercups. "In Italy, I learned that there is another way to win, not necessarily elaborating the movements and proposing creative development." In his final stage as a soccer player, he returned to South America to play in San Lorenzo, Atlante de México and Peñarol in Montevideo, where he retired. "You do not decide when you leave, that's what the body decides," he said in his decision. And also: "You never stop being a player, you always keep that spirit, and deep down I feel that tomorrow I could play again." In that time of short films, between 1.999 and 2.004, Santiago disputed eleven parties in the National Selection. "In Spain, I feel there is another sense of selection than in Argentina."
He quickly took the license from the coach and after a brief period as a columnist for the newspaper "El País" he reached the ranks of Real Madrid to continue his football career as a coach, that sport that his family burned and that illustrious Argentine writers like Sacheri, Fontanarrosa or Scher made him love even more. "I do not think I would have had a choice but to be a coach, I have not seen anything but football since I was a kid." After three seasons of apprenticeship, he took command of Real Madrid Castilla, a subsidiary of Merengue in the Second Division B, until Lopetegui's dismissal placed him as an interim coach, with a truly hopeful start on all fronts. "We are all going through life and in this profession, what is important is the day to day, what is important is the illusion of everyday life, today I have the great illusion of accomplishing something important in this club," he said after confirmation. in the Banco Real.
"I like football that is imposed through possession, to weave the plays, the pass is like the word, the pass is what allows you to assemble the phrase, now if you play nonsense, the phrase says nothing." As you can see, the football he proclaims as a coach is the same as he tried to play on the field. According to Marca, the medium that best reflects the Real's path, Solari has gone from intermediate to definitive, an employee who has temporarily occupied an empty chair to be "the master" of one of the most important clubs in the world for six reasons. It was simple and clear, it never got complicated in the message. He grabbed the first team after the resounding defeat against Barcelona and the first thing he said was "you have to play with two balls" and that request for claw, fiber, was well played by the team. He won by a landslide, without showing, but with the force that the first examination required. He quickly chose a form of play near the Zidane style and away from Lopetegui. He recovered a fearsome striker like Karim Benzema. He was simple and lucid to set up the team. He was solid in his decisions. And it has the ideal image for the position. A perfect combo
"It bothers me the football environment that is so monothematic, we train soccer, play football and talk about football, and it gets a bit heavy," said Santiago, whom many Real Madrid fans already compare strongly with Jorge Valdano. . "Football is a game, but it does not have the depth that the theater has, football is much simpler, the theater makes us think, it makes us know ourselves, many things deeper". And on the role of the coach said: "The best coaches are not necessarily those who know more tactics, methodology or those who train more, but the best are those who have the ability to handle this range of circumstances to give a greater to the team ".
Santiago Solari is elegant, good-looking, has a good speech, has shown in the newspaper El Pais that he knows how to write very well and makes precise statements. Do not hesitate when facing the printer. They seek to dislodge and can not. Often it appeals to a certain irony, that art that few can use subtly. It conveys security. Florentino Perez, president of Real, wanted to hire the Italian Antonio Conte, but collided with the opinion of team captain Sergio Ramos. Faced with this, the chief decided what was closest to him. Solari was in the right place, at the right time, to be seen by the person in power. In principle, his contract will be until 2020, although it is known that in Champions and League will be examined in detail. It's that Real is a club that does not forgive the lack of brilliance, victories and titles. Three adjectives describing soccer player Solari. The same as coach Solari will look for his team. It has everything to be the new Zidane. I hope But it's football, you know.

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