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a game like Fortnite but with Bitcoins and Lightning Network

Enjoying the celebration of the first major conference on Lightning Network, the Lightning Network Conference (LNConf), held in Berlin during this October 19th and 20th, the Satoshi Games team presented Lightnite, the first battle royal style game that integrates microphages with bitcoin. (BTC) through channels and second layer nodes to monetize the battleground for those players who so desire.

The game was presented by Carlos Roldán, who is co-creator of Satoshi’s Games, during his participation in LNConf. In addition, it presented a new platform of distribution of games called Elixir. Nonetheless, the announcement is that the outbreaks and victims of those attending the event will be brought to Lightnite.

“Lightnite is a real multiplayer battle game online where every specific digital interaction between players unleashes a reward for monetary penalties. In simple words, players get bitcoin firing at other players and pierden bitcoin when they get fired, ”read a press release about the game, published by Satoshi Games this October 19.

The game played out in June 2019 and is expected to be released to the public from February 2021. Moreover, according to the map route, the access to the game will be activated in November 2020.


To make Lightnite more attractive, the developers have added other monetary incentives. So, some of the elements of the game are worth real bits and can be taken, just as in other Battle Royale games.

Players will also be able to customize their avatars by buying gaming items for a fee, through micro transactions by the player. Finally, the amount of accumulated bitcoin is updating in real time. If the player fires the receipt a shot, the objects recog, all immediately updates.

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“The player can get out of the game when he is ready to withdraw his balance instantly on his own bill,” he reiterated in the statement.

But this is a game for any type of user. If the player doesn't want to use bitcoins, he can play Lightnite in a no-bitcoin manner. “Users who do not use Bitcoin can play in the way Bitcoin functions and will eventually be attracted by the improved interactivity that allows Bitcoin integration and start experimenting with this innovative technology. This is also a form through which we want to contribute to the massive adoption of Bitcoin, ”says Federico Spitaleri, author of the presentation text.

But in order to be able to accelerate the development process, the Satoshi's game team has opened a crowdfunding campaign that includes several different contribution packages. Users can purchase Lightnite access as well as other elements such as stickers, posters, tassels, and a special contributor packet, including merchandising and accesories, and decision making power over some aesthetic elements of their design. If you want to participate in this way, you will have to donate 1,000 bad dollars.

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