5 superfoods for children


According to blog Well Eating as a nutrition expert Fernanda Alvarado Mexican Superfoods, which bring great health benefits; and when they are produced in the country, most are affordable.

Here are 5 superfoods you can include in your children's balanced diet.

The most common way to consume corn in Mexico is in the form of tortillas

a tortilla It has 64 calories and has vitamins of the B complex that helps cells convert carbohydrates into energy, he says in his blog Fernanda Alvarado

You can include tortillas in the children's meals taking care of the portions. According to Health's Secretary We should be aware of the weight and size of girls and boys for proper development.

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O beans are from Mexico and Peru, according to the FEN they are low in fat and high protein content as fiber necessary for a healthy digestion.

They contain vitamins and minerals necessary for proper nutrition at all ages.

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The main contribution of the nopales is the fiber that helps to promote a healthy digestion of the small ones.

These can be prepared in several ways, if someone does not like your little one, try another presentation, since according to Health's Secretary It is best not to force the child to eat a stew you do not like.

Who has not eaten a joy? The use and consumption of amaranth in the prehispanic era was very widespread, withstands high temperatures and can grow on soil with little water indicates CONABE.

CONABIO also points out that it is especially beneficial in the diet of children, because it has high protein and lysine, essential for growth.

You can include a joy as a healthy snack.

O Health's Secretary recommends 3 main meals and 2 snacks.

Mexico shares the origin of this fruit with Colombia and Venezuela, FEN. O avocado It has high content of unsaturated fats and potassium which helps the normal functioning of the nervous system and muscles, so that they can run and jump without stopping.

Can be included as part of lunch for school or at gucamole for lunch.

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They are nutrient rich in nutrients, we say what

What are superfoods and what are they for?What are superfoods and what are they for?


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