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$ 4,000 million dollars from Aída Merlano, the domain extinction

The process of extinction of the domain passed by some of the conservative ex-congressional pro-fugitive Aída Merlano, who went over the security scheme that is available to Inpec for a medical appointment and is told to escape the first of the pipe. The properties would be valued at at least 4,000 million pesos, according to the preliminary report of the authorities..

The report of the cuenta de 10 immovables, of vehicles and a society that figured the name of Merlano. Properties have been charged with injunctive relief, embargo and suspension of it is inferred that the goods are the product of illicit activities.

Among the good people calls the attention a new model BMW that figured its name. Also a bright apartment in the exclusive sector of the carriageway 7 with the number 126 in the north of Bogota.

In context: Aída Merlano's links with Colombian coast politicians

Merlano was sentenced by the Supreme Court of Justice to 15 years in prison after being defeated in court for crimes related to the purchase of votes and the construction of the elector, among other positions.

On the other hand, it is known that Aida Victoria MerlanoHere is a conservative policy, set in the afternoon of this March, a letter in which a request for an audience was scheduled to be held by 7:00 am in the hands of the Paloquemao Judges.

The diligence had as a way to legalize some telephone interceptions that were obtained by judicial order to some of those involved in the escape of Merlano. The petition obeys that the lawyers who represented it renounced the defense of the young, by the way, by the appearance in average in the last days.

In the letter, Aída Victoria emphasizes that her desire is to appear to those who are called by the justice, but she will be there when she has found a defender of confidence.

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