Monday , April 19 2021

21 members of the Gulf clan captured in Bolivar and Antioquia

In the development of an operation coordinated by units of the National Navy with the National Police, 21 members of the Armed Armed Group "Clan del Golfo" were captured.

The operation, which was carried out simultaneously in the municipality of Mutatá (Antioquia) and in different districts of the city of Cartagena (Bolivar), was carried out by Bolívar Militar Bolívar of the National Navy, and by SIJÍN of the National Police. , under the "Diamond Plan" against criminal structures.

Among those captured are the nickname "Cabeza" or "El Profe", head of the Heroes del Caribe substructure of the Organized Armed Group "Clan del Golfo", which has its actions and criminal interference in the department of Sucre and in some municipalities of the department. of Bolivar, dedicating itself to perpetrate extortions and selective homicides. They also formed a network capable of sending narcotics to Central America.

Twenty-one people, including two women who had been incarcerated for aggravated extortion, conspiracy to commit a crime, aggravated murder, illegal possession of arms and possession of narcotics, were placed at the disposal of the First Special Prosecutor before the Gaulas. .

During the operation, the seizure of two fragmentation grenades, different caliber ammunition, private vehicles, cell phones and money was obtained as a result of these illicit acts. With these captures, this structure that threatens the free development of communities in the departments of Sucre and Bolívar is affected.

The National Navy will continue to develop coordinated operations that will allow the disarticulation of the different organized armed groups and delinquents who commit crimes in the Colombian Caribbean. It also invites the community to report any suspicious activity on the toll-free number.

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