▷ Vigor, free this week on Xbox One for Xbox Live Gold users


Vigor is next free game on Xbox One with Xbox Live Gold, but only during this weekend. Since January 21, March 24, Xbox Live Gold users have been able to free themselves from the survival game created by Bohemia Interactive. A perfect opportunity for those who have not yet enjoyed it. Vigor, Interactive Bohemia brings us a post-apocalyptic Sweden, where we will have to do everything we can to survive. This involves collecting resources, building in the content of defense and defense at all try after with us, starting between 8 and 16 players. The game is still in the Xbox Game Preview program and, therefore, is not finished. Perm even so, this weekend we will be able to try it for free and discover everything that Bohemia Interactive wants to offer us with Vigor.

Gold Offers from the week of March 19 to 25

It is likely that Vigor will be the link game free game on Xbox One with Xbox Live Gold that we have this weekend. Because it is customary for Microsoft to bring an immediate provision into play. Why is the ground announced? Vigor, which will also arrive with the last patch. As this can enjoy the latest game, system moves and more respect the gameplay to.

He even planned to launch his game for the end of 2019, in case of the probiles this weekend and you like, you can continue supporting the añisión the game for 19.99 €. As you can enjoy Vigor's complete experience with the founders package, exclusive content of the Xbox Game Preview version and rewards, according to we can read in the official web of the game.


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