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2018-12-19 17:46:32 Source: Wuhan Night News

Zhang Jinlian chooses Chinese and foreign kung fu stars
"Zhang Tianzhi" series "Ye Wen" has finally been corrected.

Wuhan Evening News (Reporter Qiu Chen) directed by Yuan Heping, Huang Baiming, Yan Zidan Producer, Zhang Jin, Dave Batista, Yang Ziqiong, Tony Jia and other kung fu stars starring in the Kung Fu movie "Ye Wen Wai Chuan: Zhang Tianzhi "was released nationwide on December 21. On the 18th, the film was previewed at Wushang Moore studio in advance. Although the film did not have the sheet question played by Donnie Yen, Wing Chun's frequency was also reduced to the lowest in the series, but Zhang Jin chose Yang Ziqiong and Dave. Batista, Tony Jia and many other Chinese and foreign kung fu stars have enough fighting content, and I believe that fans who love kung fu movies should not be disappointed.

As a new character in "Ip Man 3", Zhang Tianzhi, who is also a master of Hunchun, left a deep impression on the fans. This time in "Ip Man Biography", this role played by Zhang Jin was finally directed by Yuan Heping, and the film tells the story of Zhang Tianzhi, who wanted to be alone in the city after being defeated by Ye Wen, who thought about the lives of common people. However, he was repeatedly disturbed by evil forces and, in the end, had to regain his efforts and fight the forces of evil.

Compared to the three orthodox works of the series "Ye Wen", "Ip Man Biography" also adopts the patriotic elements of the Chinese people to join hands to fight the external humiliation. However, due to the lack of the most critical characters in the series, Ye Wen, the plot is a bit out of shape. . In particular, the essence of the "Ye Wen" series, Wing Chun, is also used in the film with the lowest frequency in the series, and is only in the form of hidden movements at the end of the film, which may leave some fans of the series a little disappointed.

However, this time the film invited to the "first military finger of the world" Yuan Heping as the director, so the action in the film is still guaranteed. Zhang Tianzhi and the fighting man who chased his own bandits up and down the billboards were edgy and exciting. Zhang Jin and Yang Ziqiong, two Chinese kung fu stars, also donated a section of the kungfu drama from the wine table using glass to promote the audience. It also made the audience feel the depth of Chinese martial arts.

In addition, Zhang Jin also played a big role in the film with Thai boxing action star Tony Jia, the professional action star of professional fighter, Dave Batista, whether it is the duration of the fight or the level of excitement. On the issue of "Ip Man 3", short piece of Donnie Yen and Tyson – at this point, if you do not look at the movie with the expectation of the "Ip Man" series, fans will still be able to find their own movie. Happy


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