Yu Rongguang directed "New Tianlong Ba Bu" photo exhibition startup Yang Youning decorated Qiao Feng – domestic drama – cnBeta.COM


Since the TV series "New Tianlong Ba Bu" directed by Rong Guang was held in Dali, the appearance of the costumes was also the first public, among them Yang Youning played Qiao Feng, Bai Yu played Duan Yu, Wen Yanshan played Wang Yuzhen and Su Qing touched A Zhu. He Wei plays Azi and Zhang Tianyang plays the virtual bamboo.

According to the previous TV drama, "New Tianlong Ba Bu" has a total of 60 episodes, the production cycle is up to 24 months. This is the sixth remake of Jin Yong's novel "Dragon". In addition to this film, the most recent remake was in 2013, played by Zhong Hanliang as a fan, and Duan Yu was played by Korean actor Jin Qifan. Fewer Internet users spit. The two popular versions are the 1997 edition, starring Huang Rihua, and the 2003 edition, starring Hu Jun.

Many netizens said after seeing the startup photos of "New Tianlong Ba Bu" that the shape is almost inexhaustible, as if the lower COSPLAY scene.


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