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Yang Mi Zhao Liying Tang Yan who pushes new people Who is the best transcript? (I.e.

Original title: Yang Mi Zhao Liying Tang Yi who pushes new people Who is the best transcript?

"You and my fascination" Zhao Liying, Jin Hao

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With the new drama "You and My Allure," Zhao Liying's newcomer Jin Hao made many spectators shine. The interaction between the soft and the audacious and the daring and resilient Li Zhicheng provoked heated discussion. Recently, Zhao Liying and other actresses signed by several actress studios appeared in the public eye, whose transcriptions are the best? If the new force can stay in the critical eye on the outside it is worth checking.

The transformation of the role of Zhao Liying "light familiarity" male protagonist's name is not recognized

The TV series "You and My Allure", starring Zhao Liying and Jin Hao, was well received after the launch of TV Oriental. The drama tells the stylist Lin Shiao (Zhao Liying) and the heiress company Li Zhicheng (Jin Hao ornaments) has assembled a rescue mission, and in the subsequent work know each other, work together to create a national brand and reap happiness History.

In the interpretation, Zhao Liying farewell to the past "small and beautiful" role definition, become independent and capable – short hair style, sweet smile, "people are not resilient," showing the public of the "pure little woman" The transformation of the "big woman" is ripe. Zhao Liying's acting skills are relatively prominent among her peers, and she has her own traffic: the old male partners are popular actors, and many people wonder why the new drama has been replaced by unknown gold.

It turns out that Kim Min Jong was the author of Zhao Liying's studio, who once stood out in "The Good Man from China" and later had a chance to play the No. 1 villain in "The Splendid Weiyang" starring Tang Yin. In Chu Chuan Biography, he called attention, but only a supporting role. So many people have doubts about their starring "You and My Allure". In this regard, the original author of the play Ding Mo said that everyone should encourage new people: "He is very dedicated, we must have expectations on this point, we need fresh blood."

After the show was released, Kim Min's performance was very attractive. The character is masculine and masculine, and the emotional drama is clean and pure. The personality difference between Li Zhicheng and Lin Shing is obvious, which gives the audience a series of highly sweet interactions for the public, which must progress.

In an interview, Kim Min talked about filming with the boss, saying the pressure is great. "We're feeling the first love, she's watching the trump, I'm afraid of dragging her legs, but it's easy to communicate outside the show, I'm not that good, I'm nervous." He also said he wants to be an actor. "The label of fresh meat is not suitable for sticking to my face."

What is the potential of a newcomer to Xiaohua?

The entertainment industry has been updated very quickly and the florists born around 1985 also face competition from a new group of actors. In addition to beginning to seek transformation, there are some popular florists who set up studios to promote newcomers. In addition to the push of Zhao Liying to Jin Hao, Yang Mi and Tang Wei also made some achievements in this regard. The new method is mainly based on works.

"Three generations of the three pillows of the book" Di Lieba, Gao Weiguang

Yang Mi help Di Lieba "Three Life III Pillow Book" is a hot shot

Di Lieba was not seen and signed by Yang Mi when he graduated from the Shanghai Academy of Theater. The transcription of Di Lieba is very good, he already has masterpieces such as "Sansheng Sanshi Shili Peach Blossom", "Beautiful Li Huizhen", "Fire Like Song" and so on. Recently he also won a topic on the Golden Eagle Festival. The debut of "Sansheng Sanshi Pillow Book" is being seriously launched, and the same studio artist Gao Weiguang is the CP, and continues to "love three lives." In addition, she will also be the initiator and mentor of the second season of the "Creation 101" variety program, which must be very hot.

"Yi Tian Your Long Ji" Chen Yuqi

Tang Yili pushes the new version of Chen Qiqi's "Dragon Eternal and Dragon Slayer" to play Zhao Min

The number one rookie of Tang Hao is Chen Qiqi, who has taken part in TV dramas like "Jinxiu Weiyang" and "Time Knows". In the latter part, she plays the role of heroin. She also played the number 2 woman in the hit drama "Sweet Honey, Shen Shenru," and brushed some sense of existence.

However, Chen Qiqi is no longer bound to be a supporting role. In the new version of "Dragon Eternal Dragon Slayer", she plays Zhao Min, she wants to break into the post-90 actor, she must let the new work give the public some surprises. Tang Hao once revealed the reason for signing with Chen Qiqi. When I met Chen Qiqi, I felt she felt like a person and I was very much alike. I was talking quietly on set, but my eyes were clear and very aura. I was touched by her temper and decided to hire her. "

Yang Ying signed an 18-year-old mongrel model, Li Shiying, to make it "baby 2.0".

Overall, all newcomers signed by these popular actresses studios have launched new work, and all show a certain performance potential, which is good for entertainment circles who urgently need new forces to participate. You can pay more attention.

Of course, new people should not take the path of "small seedlings to encourage," the chief actor must respect the law of creation, do not force them to play to the new people, otherwise this will only cause resentment. Newcomers should not be too impatient, just carefully and focus on performances, you can slowly take their own world from a small role.Go back to Sohu and see more

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