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Xiao Qinglong is "Cleaning Every Day" new song online, saying the attitude of life – every day, this, his own single, is it – China News Net

2019-01-30 17:56:58 Source: China News Net, January 30, the 29th, Xiao Qinglong's new single "Cleaning Every Day" was officially released. Xiao Qinglong said he hopes to use it first to tell his attitude toward life.

Interviewed for the photoInterviewed for the photo


"To spend my day, to seize the best moment, to worry less, I mean write a letter to the future, fill it with a good desire, step by step to achieve." Letters are like Xiao Qinglong chanting He encourages everyone to understand the present, do not let problems occupy a whole life, even if there are many unknown challenges in the process, you should still have a free and easy attitude, position your self-worth and implement it step by step.

It is reported that this "Cleaning Every Day" will also be included on the new album "Wu Cheng". The word "Wu Cheng" is not only the division of the word "Cheng" but also the original sound of his name "He Cheng". He wants to express his self-exploration process through this solo album and rip off the label of "new rap". (End)

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