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2018-12-11 00:02:31 Source: Tianshui Evening News

Wu Jing
On the evening of December 8, the 17th China Film China Awards Ceremony was held in Beijing Water Cube. Wu Jing and Chen Yu won the Best Actor and Actress Award, respectively, and director Lin Chaoxian won the Best Director Award for his "Action in the Red Sea." Ten films, including "Wolf Wolf 2", "18-hole Village", "Mekong River Action" and "Big Fish Sea Bream" won the Best Picture Award.
As a biannual event for the Chinese film industry, this year's China Watch Awards consisted of about 300 older artists, the backbone of the film industry and the young filmmakers of the 1990s and 00s.
10 masterpieces won the excellent feature film award
On the night of the ceremony, "Action of the Red Sea", "War Wolf 2", "Eight Sea Cave", "Jianjun Daye", "Mekong River Action", "Big Fish Sea Bream", "Datang Xuanzang" "Aunt Velha", "Dragon Battle", "When the Moon Comes" 10 films won the award for outstanding films.
"Red Sea Action" also led director Lin Chaoxian to win the director award. He was nervous when he came to power. "Now I'm still shaking, thanking the China Watch Prize, thanking Bonn and the Emperor for trusting me. Let's say they have their own films. Life," Mekong Action "," Action of the Red Sea "made me many challenges, I experienced many despair, many surprises and many fears. I never had the opportunity to thank all the films and employees I took before, thank you. "
The film "Overtime Cohabitation" won the Outstanding Young Film Creation Award. Director Su Lun said that as a young director, I thank the good times when I was young. I was grateful for this recognition when I was assisted by many veterans in the filming process.
Julia and Lei Jiayin film "Overtime Cohabitation" won the Outstanding Young Film Creation Award, "The Lost Sheep" won the award for outstanding rural film theme, "Tacramadan's Drums" won the outstanding minority film award, and "The Cyclone Women's Team "won Outstanding Children's Film.


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