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2018-11-24 18:56:45 Source: Sohu Sports

Original title: World Cup Speed ​​Skating the next day, Xiao Ping Nai Xu won the championship and Yin Qi won the sixth place.

On November 24, Beijing time, in the 2018-2019 season, the International Sliding Speed ​​Skating Cup, the second stop of the Japanese Grand Prix, entered the second day of games at the Tomakomai Highland Sports Center in Japan. Xiao Ping Naixu again won the gold medal in the women's 500m project, and the Dutch were among the top three in the 1500m A men's group. The best Chinese player was Yin Qi, who was sixth in the women's group.

Women's collective start

South Korean striker Jin Baozhen scored 8 minutes, 52 seconds and 180 seconds to win the championship: Italy's Lolo Brigda was second with 8 minutes and 52 seconds and 250, and Bolong Ding of Canada was third. The Chinese player Yin Qi left 8 minutes and 56 seconds of 930, got 6 sprint points, was in sixth place, Li Dan lost 9 minutes and 33 seconds 670, finishing in 22nd place.

Men's collective start

Belarusian Mikhalov won the championship with 8 minutes and 6 seconds 540. South Korean rookie Yan Tianhao was second with 8 minutes and 15 seconds of 940. Svelings finished third with 8 minutes, 16 seconds and 230 seconds. Position, Chinese player Ning Zhongyan slipped 8 points and 17 seconds 160, did not score any point, ranked 13th.

500m female second group

The Japanese star Og Nai Nae lost 38 seconds and won the championship: Austrian Herzog was second with 38 seconds and 569, Bao Wei was third, Jin Jingzhu lost 39 seconds and 466 Degree, ranked 9th, Li Qishi lost 39 seconds in 775, was in 15th place, Tian Ruining lost 40 seconds in 033, being in 19th place.

Men's 1500m Group A

The Dutch players showed the advantage of the group's army and won the top three places: Nuis broke the track record with a score of 1 minute 47 seconds and 611 and Rost was second with 1 minute 48 seconds and 200. Kroll was third with a score of 1 minute 48 seconds 393, and Japanese player Yoshino Nobuo was fourth.

Women's 1500m Group A

The Dutch star laughed at the end of the match with record holder Takagi Miho, who won the championship with 1 minute 58 seconds and broke the track record: Takagi Miho came in first with 1 minute and 59 seconds at 282. Two, the player American Bowie came in third, Derong stayed fourth, Sablikova in 11th, Takagi Nana in 16th, Zhao Xin in 2 minutes and 4 seconds in 645, ranked 18th.

Men's 500m second group

The Japanese Shinbali also played well, slipped to 35 seconds and scored 203. He updated his 35-second record and won the Russian championship Mustakov scored 35 seconds and 445. Second, another Japanese team player, Murakami Shimaru ranked third with 35 seconds 534, Wilbej came in fourth, and Smeckens and Murasov in fifth, respectively. Sixth, Murdell was 15th, our player Gao Tingyu lost 36 seconds and scored 16. World record holder Kurizhnikov did not play.


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