Saturday , June 12 2021

Women's World Cup – 2nd game: Brazil's Turkish team wins the semifinals – China Channel New Network Liaoning – Xinhua News

  1. Women's World Cup – 2nd Tournament: Brazil's Turkish team wins the semifinals – China Network New Liaoning Network – Xinhua Newspaper
  2. Zhu Ting 23 points Wakifu zero seal Lecane World Cup group game two consecutive games
  3. Zhu Ting 23 performances, violent aesthetics, Wakif Bank 2 consecutive wins, 1 round ahead of the semi-finals, Shanghai hotline
  4. World Cup Club shed cold water on the status quo of the national women's volleyball team, Zhu Ting really ability to turn the tide? Sina
  5. World Cup Zhu Ting enjoys the treatment "at home", and the game is very practical.
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