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2018-12-07 00:27:33 Source: women's clay volleyball

Original title: The first two rounds of technical statistics of the women's volleyball world cup! Zhu Ting scored first, Boss broke first

The Women's World Cup is the offseason of today, so today we will classify the technical statistics of all the players in the previous two rounds.

1. Punctuation Ranking:

Zhu Ting scored 39 points in two games, Brazilian Gabi, Minas Gerais' main volleyball striker Gabi, scored 36 points and second place, Isaac Bashi's women's volleyball team took the lead with Boscovic, 35 points.

2. Smash success rate:

Boscovic ranked first with 65.22%, the female Brazilian beach volleyball Fabiana came in second place with 57.58%, Zhu Ting ranked third 55.74%

3. Block the agency's average score:

Lloyd came in first with an average score of 1 point, with striker Lazarenko, second striker of Lecane, second with 1 point, and the Brazilian women's beach volleyball team scored 0.83 points. Zhu Ting came in fourth with 0.83 points.

4. Serving scores are scored

The second women's pass by Isaac Bashi Arikaya Mesa scored 1 point first, the Brazilian female beach volleyball's main striker Fei Jialei Bureau held 0.83 points in second place, Isaac Bashi Handerson's main attack ranked third with 0.67 points.

5. A passage in the place-rank ranking

Wakif Bank chief striker Robinson 47.83% first, Isaac Bashi free man Akz 44.44% second.

The top five technical rankings, the main players are a few giants, this is also very consistent with the performance of the game, of course, now the World Cup has just been held two rounds, there is still a round of group play The socks final and finals are still behind, so the power of persuasion is not strong, but how to compete in the back, the focus of the game is only the competition of the four major giants, this is a basic threshold, only domestic fans Hope is fixed on Zhu Ting, I hope she can have fan expectations and win all games back.Go back to Sohu and see more

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