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What is the story of Neptune?

Neptune first appeared in comic books in 1941. The story brought by director Wen Ziren and producer Jeff Jones in the film was largely serialized on the "New 52" series when DC relaunched the Universe of Super Heroes in 2011. Inspired by the comic book " Sea King ". Wen Ziren expects this film to be fun and globally adventurous. Therefore, the family is one of the most important elements of this film. Neptune inherits the power of the mother, inherits the humanity of the father and two people from different worlds break the world and love each other. It is the crystallization of love, growing in its separate environment, so where is your destiny? "The movie" Neptune "is in many ways the film is really related to desire. For me, fulfilling my own desires is also an extra bonus for me to make this film – creating a new world in the film." Wen Ziren said

The world of Atlantis presents a magnificent epic

The film is shot primarily at the Weixiu Entertainment Group studios in Australia. The studio is located on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia, with nine state-of-the-art digital studios and a series of film and television production facilities. Although there are many scenes involved in this film, the general methods of construction can be divided into three parts: the location of the studio, the reconstruction of the real scene and the construction of the studio.

Exterior studio construction

Often there are some external locations in the studio, the English name is Backlot, if the space is not enough, parking can also become a temporary construction area. The most important land scenes of the film are the squares of the fountain in Sicily and the houses on the roof used for parkour. The film is composed of a group of photos and the three-dimensional scene as the subject can also be divided into parts according to the division of the lens, and the scenes are recorded sequentially. Therefore, in the film, everyone thought that the ruins of the Sicilian ring statue and the square of the fountain are adjacent areas, but in fact they are built separately. The scene in which the black stingray uses black armor on the ground for the first time on earth and Arthur's scene involves exploding, so the direction of collapse and the crushing effect of the column and statue must be planned in advance.

A container is placed around the ruins of the ring statue to complete the blue screen

The back of the square is a one-sided view and an incomplete architectural space.

The impressive "Laura Parkour" in the film takes place on the roofs of the houses scattered in the hills of Sicily, Arthur and Jura are pursued by their enemies to interact with the architectural space. The most popular part is the edit control and timeline of director Wen Ziren's two-line action. Prior to the filming, Wu Ti (the activist) will preview the action on the spot, according to the director and screenplay. After the director finds a satisfactory shooting schedule, the soldier will put on the armor and the shoot formally. On the other hand, the battle between Neptune and the Black Manta is right, but the ensemble on which they stand is built separately, built a few tens of meters away.

Large artificial pool that simulates the real environment of the seabed

Sicily Fountain Square set up

Wen Ziren guides the actors on the spot.

In terms of shooting conditions, although it is a story that happened on the seabed, it certainly can not go directly into the sea, so the studio has become a temporary "water park." The method of building the outdoor pool or water tank can not save the lighting control conditions of the studio, but the blue curtain construction space, the space for moving equipment and the lens programming space can save a lot of budget . So the beauty of the sea seen in the movie, the actor is really in the small pool by the imagination. Even if it's a passing shot, you need to build a matching pool when shooting. In the film, there was a scene in which Arthur carried the crew on the skin at high speed in the water. At the scene of the shooting, it was not Arthur who pulled Pifal, but the people who were hiding in the pool.

Real Estate Reconstruction

In addition to the Weixiu Entertainment studios, Australia has the most beautiful coastal landscape in the world, fully meeting the temperament requirements of the "Sea King" scene. Among them, Haiwang's land-based "Fishing Village" was filmed in a small community called English The Spit, located near Ocean World Australia. The fisherman village scene includes a two-storey container at Fish Co-Op in Da Lat Bay and a store called Sunken Galleon. In the film, Haiwang and his father met and spent the night with the fans at the bar. However, the landscape around the village is made by CG special effects, so some lenses need to block the blue screen.

The film's opening father met the Queen's Coast of Atlanta and the house where they lived – Curry Lighthouse was shot on the rocks at Hastings Point, New South Wales. The exterior of the house is built quickly with steel structure. Because of the interior design of the Curry Lighthouse House, a mirror and a large number of detonation lenses, ie the Atlanta plot against submerged soldiers, director Wen Ziren built the interior of the house in the studio to film. All furniture and exterior walls of the studio can be disassembled or moved according to the shooting of the lens, so that the director can fully display the action programming skills.

Studio Construction

For a movie about the Water Hero, two-thirds of the movies happen under water. How were these great and magnificent wonders of the ocean created? The crew of the "Sea King" gave a variety of solutions. Among them, the wreck scene and the hidden trenches of Trench State are simulated by the studio to simulate the light of the sea floor, allowing the actors to act in more realistic and delicate scenes, and save a lot of work for the late special effects .

Arthur's first battle with his brother Aum King involved two parts, one in the magma-filled prep room and one on the stage of the official duel. Obviously such a large and public duel are added later. In addition to the natural environment scene, some creatures and vehicles that interact with the actors are also partially built. This also allows the actor to get better in the game, helping the effect to better deal with the close-up details and the positioning space. In car filming, car chase is very special, involves a large number of scene shifting shots, the actors need to interact with the real-time environment to shoot. In recent years, car chases or spaceship chases as well as science fiction movies have used a circular LED display to interact with the actor's traffic vehicle to film, this is almost the Hollywood standard, and the ultimate visual effect is incredible.

The filmmakers have wisely decided to shoot most of the underwater shots with a dry shot, use the latest VFX technology to shoot pressure players and use CGI to make them appear to be in the water. But the problem is coming back: Neptune and Mela can roam freely in the sea without gravity, and common pressure does not allow the actor to pose a freely floating position in the water. After much research and development by manipulators and stuntmen for a few months, something like a mechanical support arm called "the tuning fork" was created. It's a very long post with a fork at the end that grabs the actor's hips while keeping the actor's body balanced. It also allows the actor to make some smooth floating motions.

The actor was positioned in a device controlled by a crew member wearing a full green suit, surrounded by a green screen, and the whole underwater environment was digitally created. So, even with complex shots, the actors are filmed except for the hair and the environment. Any auxiliary props need to be painted green to remove the back that needs to cause the ground cracking effect to be broken.

Any auxiliary items need to be painted green to be removed later

The studio area of ​​Weixiu Entertainment Group

Original lens drawn with tuning fork

The conceptual design of the film is spectacular

The world view of Haiwang

Speaking of the world view, some people may feel very imaginary, which is a wrong concept. A large part of the unsuccessful magic blockbuster is due to the failure of the construction of the world view, which can not believe in this illusory world and has no sense of enlightenment. The positioning of the world view is closely related to the director or producer. Wen Ziren believes that Atlantis should not be monotonous or miserable. He wants to think of Atlantis as a magical place, must deviate from conventional design and create some interesting visual images that have never been seen before.

The first problem is mild. The design team was inspired by the oceans and marine life, so that the illumination of the seabed has its roots – the self-illuminated animals at the bottom of the sea. Then, when Arthur reached Atlantis, he discovered that the whole city was shining on itself. The design of the tattoo on the king of the sea is, in fact, the idea of ​​acting as the actor of the king of the sea Jason Moma. Tattooing is almost the most important costume in your entire film. During the filming period, the makeup artist needs to spend a lot of time each time he draws the tattoo on Momo. Other Atlantean suits refer to a more textured honeycomb texture than a simple metal or silk coating.

"Neptune" is the first film with such a large amount of design space for Wen Ziren. Although Neptune was not a popular character in DC Comics, and even once became the target of spoofing, Wen Ziren wanted to transform that story and design a kingdom made up of different worlds. Atlantis has long been recorded in history and, before sinking, was a very classic Greek background story. Although last year's "Justice League" appeared in an Atlantis scene, the film was shown in a minimalist fashion, which left plenty of room for Wen Ziren's design team.

The design of the sea creatures is incredible.

Wen Ziren believes that Atlantis is a world that holds the past and the future. Atlantis is an advanced race, culturally far ahead, but they have a very strong and uncontrollable power, leading to the final sinking. The new Atlantis was "growth" in the ancient submerged city. Structurally, metal and wood can not be used, so buildings grow like corals.

"Sea King" uses a lot of mythological stories as a model and reorganized. After the shipwreck, Atlantis is a civilization that has existed for a long time underwater, but they have advanced technology. Although they are far ahead in the social economy, they still have a monarchy. The subjects are very loyal, they have a very strict way of seeing things. This stubbornness and its isolation and dependence on the ocean led to a great mistrust of the world above the sea. Most Atlanteans do not visit the Earth's surface, which means that what they know about the world is what others tell them. This scenario laid the groundwork for establishing the goals and character of Arthur's character.

An important starting point for establishing a worldview is tradition and culture. Often the best fantasy comes from reality, as Tolkien (the author of The Lord of the Rings), inspired by European history, Neil Gaiman (who was once known as the most successful writer after Rowling) Seeking myths and folklore in creating the world of sleeping demons. When Wen Ziren designed Atlantis, she looked at our world and today's society, but it surpassed reality a little and entered the world of modern monster movies. (This may be related to the likes of Wen Ziren's horror films)

The public was shocked by the wonders of the sea

"I am a fan of Dongbao Co., Ltd. and Monsters. I grew up watching their films," said Wen Ziren. "I also love Ray Hallihausen (a pioneer of special effects in the American film industry, a cartoon master, a special Oscar winner, an atomic monster in 1953). "The underwater world has seven kingdoms, and some kingdoms look like ordinary human beings, but other kingdoms are fish people, for example, The Brine – they are basically giant crustaceans and Trench is a monster.These settings were heavily influenced by Geoff Johns (CEO of American DC Comics, comic book writer) on "New 52" (a new comic book publishing project for superheroes released by DC Comics in 2011.) Inspired.

Wen Ziren and his team spent a lot of time designing the world view of Atlantis. They think that the realm of the seabed is not just putting things ashore directly into the sea. It also does not resemble the underwater structure of our human society, nor can it refer to steel and pressure-resistant pipes of the submarine, nor to films like Megaloth (submerged base) and Abyss (submarine aliens). Find the reference at. The buildings in Atlantis were built by people living under water. "King of the Seas" can bring audiences to an unprecedented world, but their world view is based on our human society. The myth of Atlantis has existed for thousands of years, and the degree of human exploration of the ocean is insignificant compared to space and land. Is Atlantis in this mysterious seabed? I think at least "Sea King" gave us a great opportunity for visual imagination.

The movie "Sea King" is in the heat of the country.


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