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Talking about the White Serpent, everyone will definitely think of "The Legend of the New White Lady," one of the "Summer Pieces," and Bai Suzhen, who plays Zhao Yazhi, is deeply rooted in people's hearts. Yesterday was released the animated film "White Snake: Origin", although it was based on this classic IP, the background of the story was set five hundred years ago when the two met, that is, the past lives of Xu Xian and Bai Niang.

It has a certain IP basis, but based on this, it interprets the love front of Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian from another perspective, and answers the question of why Bai Suzhen fell in love when he saw Xu Xian in West Lake. Although the white snake and the green snake were first seen in animation form, the public is already familiar with these classic characters. The little fox demon is a great new character in the movie. With Loli's appearance, the sexy, glamorous style attracts the attention of countless audiences. The fox's little demon is an ancient fox demon, in charge of the mysterious treasure house that creates the instrument, which also has the ability to change handcuffs, turn people into demons and turn demons into people. In addition, the film is a Sino-American co-production film, the Chinese classical elements are used in the core, and special effects are used in Hollywood special effects to make the image more exquisite and full of effects shocking. Pictures can be used as wallpapers. "

Yangzi night news / reporter Yangyan Kong Xiaoping


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