Tuesday , October 26 2021

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The small program has an installation feature, free installation, and the user experience is very good, attracting the development of enterprises, including Tencent, Ali, Baidu and so on. Obviously, the status of the WeChat applet is still unshakable.According to the latest data released by WeChat, the number of WeChat applets exceeds 1 million, more than 1.5 million developers participate, and there are 200 million active daily users of small programs.in

According to another data, Baidu's small program has 150 million monthly users. Alipay's number of small programs totaled more than 20,000 and the daily activity was 120 million.

On December 25th, it was a nice day for WeChat applet developers.The applet development wizard is updated to "small program wizard", you can use it to manage your applet on your phone.

In addition, the user can get the UnionID user after the payment of the applet is completed.

The official said that this newly launched small wizard program is a small program that is very suitable for developers of small programs.Not only can the small program administrator be used, but also the developer, operator and experimenter can use it, and you can follow the small program.

Solve some of your usual little problems:

– I want to try different versions of small programs (Development / Experience / Online), and "Version View" is ready.

– Small programs have project members coming out, new members to add and quick operation on the phone.

"Does the PR department suddenly want to use a small program code?" You do not have to go to the backstage of the computer, you can take it in this small program.

– Small key program data want to check? I'll find him soon enough.

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