WeChat: After the 90's, users become the main force of the red envelopes of New Year's Eve – Lianhe Zaobao


  1. WeChat: After 90, the user became the main force of the red envelope of New Year's Eve.
  2. Tencent Spring Festival data: 90 after the red envelope WeChat – WeChat Tencent WeChat cnBeta
  3. WeChat "Gaoguang" data inventory: 100 million people can be seen for 3 days, and the circle of friends is seen 10 billion times a day. Fan of love ยท Leave the future at your fingertips
  4. 330 million people gathered Qifu WeChat red envelope was squeezed and the shopping mall also collapsed Sina.com
  5. Xiaomi Huawei for the idle time store application WeChat red envelope collapsed more than four billion red envelopes Chinese New Year how much you catch? – E-Commerce – Payment Platform / Internet Finance cnBeta
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