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In the international market, including DC hero, "Water Man", released by Malaysia, was the highest grossing in Malaysia at the weekend. The independent film "Bumblebee", "Hornet" in "Transformers" also After the moment, last week only released the priority field and then entered the runner-up, this week official launch will become the enemy of " Water Man ".

(Kuala Lumpur, 18th) In the international market, including DC hero, "Waterman", released by Malaysia, was Malaysia's highest grossing over the weekend. The most popular "Bumblebee" of Transformers was independent. The movie "Bumblebee" is also at the forefront. Last week, only the priority field was launched and it was the runner-up. This week's official release will become the enemy of "Water Man".

Last weekend, "Water Man" opened a box office of $ 126.4 million in 43 regions overseas. If box office in China was added the previous week, the total number of boxes in "Waterman" exceeded $ 261.3 million.

From the box office, you can see this DC superhero movie, directed by Wen Ziren, who speaks by word of mouth and achievements completely win the taste of global fans.

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Sin Chew Daily / Entertainment ‧2018.12.18


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