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Epoch Times, December 9, 2018 Singer Wang Lihong (second brother) sang in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, on the evening of 8, coinciding with the first snowfall in Jinhua this year, causing his hands to freeze. When I played the violin, I discovered that my hand was frozen and red, and the last two brothers switched their whistle to replace the prelude of the violin, and the fans applauded warmly.

Last night, Wang Lihong held the 16th Dragon Successor 2060 concert in Jinhua City, Zhejiang province, with temperatures of up to zero degrees Celsius and 30,000 fans watching the rain and snow. From the opening song "Gai Shi Hero" to the last "Dacheng Little Love", rain and snow did not stop, but Wang Lihong struggled to introduce himself, so the audience forgot about the snow.

Until the audience called Encore, the second brother left to bring the hot spot to the highest point. In addition, Wang Lihong actually opened the song song link, so the fans forgot that the weather is cold, and my heart is hot. When the audience shouted "The Fallen Leaves Returned to the Roots," Wang Lihong also picked up his violin, only to find that his hand was frozen and completely unconscious.

Wang Lihong sang in Jinhua, Zhejiang the night of the 8th. (Provided by Hongsheng Music)

Pulling the first tone, he stopped and said, "My hand can not pull!" The audience was scared this time, while worried about the security of the idol, on the other hand, they wanted to hear the second brother again. Gao Ge then the audience was full of noise, and they applauded the second brother.The scene was hotter than the atmosphere An Kee.

Wang Lihong was in a hurry and replaced his violin by a whistling method.He made the stage stunned and happy.He said: "Li Hong, I love you!" There is still a lot of iron dust to see this scene, and I am to tears. Wiping away the tears, the scene is quite touching. The second brother offered his skills, which left the fans even more surprised that the second brother still had a whistling tone and said: "It's not an international standard!"

Wang Honghong's Hongsheng Music announced that Wang Lihong's Free Show of Welfare Show (free concert) will be held at Da'an Forest Park in Taipei at 6:00 p.m. on January 1, 2019. This poster of 9 days was exposed, 20 years ago, since the last concert held at the venue.

Wang Lihong heard the internal voices of fans, especially the application to the venue, is to give fans the best, let fans at home and abroad look forward to, ready to come to this extraordinary annual countdown "welfare show" .

Wang Lihong once gave back to the free concert "Welfare Show" of the fans (free concert). This poster of the day (9) was exposed. (provided by Hongsheng Music)

According to the insiders, Hongsheng Music also successfully won the Taipei Summer Arena in the summer of 2019.

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