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On the Xingxing River Road, the long journey to find a home, the "Earth Wandering" plan is about to be opened, and this 2,500 year old human survival journey is just around the corner. The film "Wandering Earth" released the trailer for "Father and Son" on January 14, and the father and son archives of Wu Jing and Qu Chuxiao formally joined. At the same time, the film also released two thematic posters "Adventures", the film "Wandering Earth", for the first time the complete schedule officially exposed.


The entire schedule is the first to meet for a premiere

In the two thematic posters "Adventures" released this time, the film "Wandering Earth" complete lineup was revealed for the first time. In addition to the nine characters who have been exposed, more members of the rescue team using "exoskeleton armor" are fully armed. At the same time, foreign astronauts wearing the same space suit with Liu Peiqiang were exposed for the first time, and according to reports, he will have many opponents with Wu Jing.

The two posters of "Adventure" are vivid and realistic, with crisp touches depicting the bravery of the people of the Wandering Earth era who are struggling tightly around their home. In the horizontal poster, all people are in the mysterious Jupiter, and Jupiter is particularly charming against the colored stripes of red, brown and white. The poster visually presents a flowing feeling and the overall effect creates a natural Chinese style. Against the background of Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, the distant Earth is very small, and the super-gravitational field of Jupiter's radiation is clearly visible around the Earth. In addition, Jupiter is clearly visible around the Ganymede satellite. In the vicinity, Wu Jing, Qu Chuxiao, Li Guangjie, Wu Mengda, Zhao Jinmai and others were holding their breath and fighting for the entire army. In another vertical poster of "adventurous adventure," all members are full of confidence in the vast expanse of the sea.

Wu Jing Qu Chu Xiao crosses the light year and plays the father and son on the move

In addition to the special effects of the explosion, the movie "Wandering Earth" is set with the story of the land that will wander. The most interesting of the whole film is the number of father and son played by Wu Jing and Qu Chuxiao. On January 14, the film officially released the "Father and Son" version of the ad, Wu Jing, Qu Chuxiao joined hands to attack, throughout the light year, the performance of father and son.

At the beginning of the warning, his father Liu Peiqiang took his young son Liu Qi to play by the sea and spent a few happy hours. Accompanied by his son's guilt, Liu Peiqiang officially ran the "Wandering Earth" show in space as an astronaut, and the father and son began to separate from each other in light years, making it difficult to meet. With the emergency call for "mayday", the earth crisis is on the verge. Liu Qi and his grandfather Han Ziang, his sister Han Duodu and others embarked on a dangerous road, while his father, Liu Peiqiang, at the space station, was eager to pursue every move of his son. There is an insurmountable gap between the rebellious son and his beloved father, Liu Qi blames his father for not being able to grow up with him, Liu Peiqiang always saves his son and silently gives it all. In the end, where the father and the son will go, we will see in our films.


Wu Jing breaks the past and deeply loves the "Chinese father"

In the "Father and Son" notice of this exhibition, Wu Jing and Qu Chuxiao played a typical Chinese-style father and son. The son "does not communicate, does not understand, disagrees" with his father across the face, facing Liu Qi, Qu Chuxiao thinks: "He will not understand the decision of the father.I sometimes do not want any more.I actually want to be accompanied by my father and my mother".

For Liu Peiqiang's role, Wu Jing once said: "He is a soldier and an astronaut.He has to make a choice in times of crisis.Like many parents, Liu Peiqiang loves his son in his heart, but can not express "Outside the program, Wu Jing, father of two children, said frankly," It is also because of the role of Liu Peiqiang that I realized that I missed the moment when my son grew up in those years. " The contradictory emotions made the "two parents" outside the play find resonance, which inspired Wu Jing's endless emotion for family and children. Speaking of Wu Jing, the audience remembered the action star on the big screen for the first time in "Wandering Earth", Wu Jing boldly "transformed" into a Chinese father who loves children, but who does not express it easily. The image completes the discovery of the paper and is expected.


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