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Epoch Times, January 13, 2019 (Tang Wei, Epoch Times reporter, Dallas, USA) On the night of January 12, 2019, Shen Yun's North American Art Troupe at the AT & T Performing Arts Center in Dallas, Texas, USA – AT & T Performing Arts The fourth performance of the Center-Winspear Opera House remained full, and the wonderful programs made the audience look fascinated and forget the opportunity.

"I love this show, it's very real and joyful, it's very beautiful, it makes people feel good, I really like it! When you watch the show, you can have fun and I'll forget both!" One of the largest home care service companies in the United States Nicole Zdeb, vice president of Human Resources at Addus HomeCare, was thrilled to see the charm for the first time.

She said, "I like fairies dancing, especially the change of their long sleeves, when they dance their sleeves, they are like the flowers that float in the beautiful summer, they just look at them and they get intoxicated, they do not want anything, The scene at the restaurant really makes me feel good, I do not know why, I just can not help but laugh, it's very interesting. "

Mr. John de Zdeb is the head of a restaurant business. He agrees a lot with his wife: "I'm the same, I really like this show! Especially heaven, I like the way it mixes with dance." There are live bands, music and colors, all that I'm intoxicated. the show was stunning, as my wife said, it was very refreshing.The feeling of being intoxicated is really wonderful! "

The connotation of the charm reveals the thought of Mrs. Zdeb. "All that Shen Yun did was great.The last scene allows you to think about how your life looks.When you finish watching the program, you will think about how to become more perfect.When you listen to yourself, think on the spiritual level. " Think about the kind of world you are seeking and then you can interact better with others to make everyone happier. "

"If you start thinking, you can connect your daily life with them and create a better life for you," said Mr. Zdeb, "I fully agree with traditional values. your family." "

The first time I noticed the charm, the Zdebs were filled with joy. They especially bought the memories of Shen Yun and reluctantly left.

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