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Variety idols can be "produced" and traffic may fail

In 2018, the end of the year, in these ups and downs, we witnessed the growth of the new generation of idols, we also witnessed the "old" variety, "old" shattered flow myths. I remember that by the end of 2017, people still recalled the enthusiasm and vibrancy of "Hip-Hot" and "Do-it-yourself," reminding the change and power of the cultural variety in the year and guessing that the 2018 will lead What new trends and explosions come. It's a shame that in 2018, it did not grow as expected, but stumbled in the midst of enthusiasm.

Idol Manufacturing in the New Year: a lot but not necessarily high quality

If "Trainee Idol" is the height of the ability to "create stars" in entertainment programs, then "Creation 101" is another milestone in society after "Super Girl". The first carried a large number of kids of all kinds to enter the entertainment industry, and grabbed the three battlefields of music, variety and brand endorsements with the moment of the wind and clouds, which shows that this variety is superior in the training of the players, due to the ongoing controversy. And the discussion, the birth of two main characters – Yang Chao and Wang Ju, successfully extended the fan group audience to "Otaku" and many more women, showing their first-class ability in rule-setting and topic speculation . However, after these two peaks, whether the "something" system, department "101" derived idol programs ("Fantastic Food", "Perfect Restaurant", "National Supernova Games", etc., or by They starred the show varieties ("Wild Kitchen", "Hi Roommate", etc.), or other selection programs similar to the idol that followed the trend ("National Wind Beauty", etc., all without exception, it is difficult to leave the circle and even the general public experienced aesthetic fatigue.

Idols and their fans can bring enough energy to the entertainment industry, brands and brokers, but at the job level, even the most productive variety is not enough to wait for next year. Any substantial change. The main reasons are as follows:

First, idols debut in a short period of time and do not have enough variety skills, including ability to converse, funny ability, and mastery of program logic, which leads to lack of program performance, and those abilities are not short term. Intensive training can be achieved.

Second, the era of traffic left a shortcut to the industry, meaning there are fans who have ratings, so in the few months after the debut of the first idols, many video sites have launched a number of idols as points of sale. Programs, idols and themes are just a simple combination. These programs are basically "off-the-shelf programming mode + stacking stars + hastily on the line", and have not found their own content competitiveness, nor considered the adaptability of players and themes, and there is no time for the guests to match the program content, How can the works be loved by the public? The industry still needs to think about how to integrate idols with good content rather than "how to put the idol out card" as a starting point to think about.

Third, from the birth of the idol selection program, the pursuit of the fans, the contradiction of the "rice circle", the aesthetic questioning of the mainstream, the network battle … Such conflicts are inevitable when the idol economy began , but there is no accident, This will have a strong inhibitory effect on the idol industry that has just begun.

failure "big name": old-fashioned traffic continues to hit the street

Accompanied by the emergence of new idols, it is naturally the shrinkage of the old "flow." When China's variety program was just introduced in the international model in the early years, the public was full of expectation and curiosity about new content and big names. However, with the trend of "everyone's variety show" in the entertainment industry, the variety and show of original varieties are constantly cropping up, and the public naturally does not care about so-called "big name", but also increases the demand and the taste of consumption. For example, Faye Wong in "The City of Magic Music", with the name "the first variety show", the show's waves are only one day in social media, for example, "Chinese Restaurant 2" is a collection of Wang Junkai. Zhao Wei and Shu Qi, the flying guests are also very good, but after a whole season, the interaction between the guests is no big deal.

In fact, there is a way of thinking that has always been wrong, most is an accidental event in a specific social scene, we can try to analyze the explosives to meet the needs of the public, but not to explode. The way it is done is a guideline. Therefore, for producers, the most important thing is not to immediately copy the production line, but to discover with what psychological needs the public is satisfied: what is the relationship between the social environment and the industrial environment? Will these needs change in the future?

The show and the guests are in fact complementary, but the core of the show is never a star.

Fall Program: Niche Popularity

As we all know, the type of a variety of art is defined by two basic elements: content and form. When form innovation is limited, it is the producer's direction to find ways to explore new content. Especially after "Happiness in China" has gone through the summer of 2017, we have reason to believe that "niche culture + popular ways known" may be a shortcut to success. Then, in 2018, we saw a more unfamiliar cultural content or life content, such as hip-hop (more professional), robot, street / professional basketball, video game competition, electronic sound. This type of culture, which tends to be fashionable, usually forms a fierce confrontation and competition through rules, and is compatible with the target audience – young, youthful tendencies.

In addition, it can be seen that this range is becoming increasingly broad and worthy of traditional forms of performance such as singing and jumping, and is more touching to new trends in society and other audiences, such as high technology, competitive sports and and so on. So we have found that the voice of the male audience is getting higher and higher in the field of public opinion this year. While some innovative attempts are not as good at data performance, they can provide more members of society with jobs that meet their spiritual needs and aesthetic needs, from the diversity of screen content and the sense of dialogue between industry and society. In terms of dimensions, it's a good trend.

In addition to the "niche" in the above sense, there is another kind of "niche" that can not be ignored: it is a program built around the professional skills of famous artists. There was "I'm a singer" before, but at that time everyone was still arguing in the music programs dimension, but last year's "Birth of Actors" appeared, it suddenly seems to give the industry a clear path, a kind of pleasure . The audience can prove to the stars, and the program mode that brings strong attention and feedback to the program group is still a blue ocean! So this year we saw various types of professional sports programs, such as dubbing lines, musicals and beautiful voices. This type of program has a characteristic, we can not predict who will be popular, can not predict how the reaction of the field of public opinion will be. So we found many amazing artists from these programs: Ren Suzhen, Bian Jiang, Shijia Jin, Hu Xianyu, Li Landi … This profession was labeled with some negative labels, which is another group of serious and professional artists. Injustice will also make this professional group forget the original social responsibility. In this sense, we need the industry itself to form a window to show the professionalism and enthusiasm of this profession, besides being a double supervision and inspection inside and outside the professional group.

Get back to the essence: look inside, go home

The experience of multiple regional markets has been stamped and certified. Note the variety is one of the most popular types of programming, even though you know vaguely that it is a reality show, not 100% original. Some of the repercussions of this year's repercussions, "Signal of the Heart," "Roman's Romantic Travel," "My Little Boy," "Happiness Trio," etc., are successful observational variety cases.

The characteristics of these programs are expressed in the form of: daily life of the guests in the show, extend the details of life, and invite relevant staff (family, friends, psychologists, etc.) or detail supplements and comments in the form of special effects, this form It is very easy to form a sense of interaction, participation and substitution with the public. The content is expressed as: focusing on the emotional life and details of the guests' family, showing warmth, romantic history and atmosphere. The four programs mentioned above may correspond to professional women, single groups, married / adult groups, etc. These are the most basic population groups. In modern life with strong pace, they all have their own problems. Emotional exports. So even if there is no star benediction, this program can only have a wide range of discussions and topics.

What kind of program will become popular, it is true that there are occasional factors in it, but we can not ignore the relationship between spiritual and cultural life and social context and social feeling. For example, in recent years, popular adventure games and sports programs, all parties are increasingly stimulating in the search for game links, and game methods are becoming increasingly new, but this year's program basically succumbed . There are also travel-like programs that have attracted a large audience due to exotic customs and travel adventures, but this year, I have not seen big splashes again. At the same time we can see that traditional culture programs are quietly popular.The country cooking programs are praised by everyone.The theme of the return to the family has been discussed repeatedly … From these phenomena, we can not guess the vision: when the economy develop to a certain extent, getting out and looking out is no longer a matter of new things or excitement: looking in and going home has become a universal pursuit of urban outsiders.

This year, we can see the original efforts of the industry, the external output of various domestic programming models, which all can see the hope of the bottleneck industry advance. At the same time, variety programs have also made efforts to diversify content and create dialogue with more target audiences. However, we can also see that the N generation "deaths and countless", the fatigue of innovation will probably be an inevitable keyword.

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