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2019-01-29 00:16:24 Source: Beijing News

Qin Junjie plays the role of "variety". Xu Wei plays the underground group member. Lu Yi is a qualifying group.

Directed by Li Lu, director of "People's Name", "The Suitor" screenwriter Zhang Yongfu, Qin Junjie, Xu Wei, Lu Yi starred in the spy war drama "Tianyi Seamless" is being broadcast in Zhejiang and Jiangsu Satellite TV. The story tells the story of the war. Young aspirants represented by Ping Ping (Qin Junjie) and Guifei (Xu Wei ornaments) are at the heart of the country's security and are fighting for peace and blood. "Tianyi Seamless" is the end of "Spy Fight Trilogy" by screenwriter Zhang Yong after "One Touch" and "Pretender." In the "Tianyi Seamless" cooperation with Li Lu, the relationship between the three brothers is different from the "suitor," Lu Yi challenges the "anti-sect" qualification group, and Qin Junjie staged an exciting hand and foot. A few days ago, director Li Lu was interviewed by the media, who talked about the relationship between the previous episodes, Li Lu said there are many characters and story clues in the early episodes, the department is too big to be seen by the public. Understand. Screenwriter Zhang Yong also frankly said that "parallel time and space" really test the audience's patience, but she thinks it's a good attempt at the domestic war drama. "There are a lot of dramas in Europe and America. Maybe we made some spectators this time." Not very satisfied, but at least we were pioneers on the way. Later, when other people create suspense dramas like these, they can learn from my experience. "

The plot is very fragmented, can not read?

After the first two episodes, "One Ma Pingchuan"

"Seamless Tianyi" adopts a new narrative method of "double time and space" in parallel. It is performed in a broken diary of the underground party "guild", adopting a flashback method, from the firing of the nobles to the brothers and sisters to resolving the sister. The mystery of the murder deepened in the organization of the espionage war. In the process he joined the memories of the nobles' predecessors and revealed the rebel party and the terror puzzle buried deep beneath the red traffic station.

However, due to the beginning of the chaise, the "receptive lunch", the Kuomintang's noble wing, the qualifications of the general public, the identity of the mystery of qualifications, are seeking truth for her, making the relationship between the four people confused . And the nobles always appear suddenly through the flashback mode, so the divisions of the "past" and "now" timeline are not clear, so many viewers have said they can see the clouds and need to remind them several times . Logic of clear history.

Zhang Yong said that after the "suitor" was broadcast, she did not want to create similar content, so she challenged "double time and space" in the narrative in "Tianyi Seamless". She admits that the creation of "double time and space" is very difficult, most afraid of logic is not meticulous, but also has an unexpected reversal. "So when I arrived, I told the audience that the cockroach was dead, but I did not reveal how she died." Then I started. from a multiple perspective, and told the risk of prehistory through the qualification group. I talked about the life of the nobles through qualifications. Through the memories of the nobles, she began her experience of growth, met in the murder truth "In Zhang Yong's view, the drama of suspense itself can not be seen. Understand, beyond the use of double time and space, but also test the public's patience: "In fact, after the first two episodes, the latter will gradually become better."


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