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2019-01-12 03:40:49 Source: Beijing Youth Daily

Three times a week to highlight the opportunities of Asian Cup law enforcement, ability and psychological strength to stand out

Chinese referees have never been so reusable

After Ma Ning as referee in the second round of the Asian Cup group And on January 9, Fu Ming, another young referee of the Chinese Football Association, will be the referee of the Asian Cup match on January 12. An industry member who is familiar with the duties of the AFC referees bluntly stated that the referee of the Chinese Football Association was reused unprecedented by the AFC, and this benefited from the efforts of the Chinese referee and the careful cultivation of the Chinese Football Federation.

Fu Mingjin made debut as referee

The schedule shows that the second round of the Asian game between Yemen and Iraq will be played in Sharjah on January 12, 2008. The 36-year-old Chinese Football Association has performed well in recent years. Ming confirmed as the referee to impose the game.

In the same group, the other three referees of the Chinese Football Federation, Huo Weiming, Cao Yu and Ma Ning, respectively, served as the first assistant referee, the second assistant referee and the first assistant referee (baseline referee).

Fu Ming also became the second referee of the Chinese Football Association, which ran the Asian Cup in the referee status after Ma Ning.

By counting the 12th match, the Chinese refereeing team had the opportunity to claim the Asian Cup three times in just one week.

Overall improvement of the Chinese referee's strength

An AFC umpire lecturer who attended the Apex referee all the time explained to the Beijing Youth Daily that "Ma Ning and Fu Ming, their group of referees may be appointed one after another, first indicating the ability of the AFC to refer to the Chinese Football Federation.Moreover, Ma Ning, Fu Ming, Huo Weiming and Cao Yu are the referees who play in the Super League, AFC Champions League, AFC Cup and AFC series in recent years.It is by no means a so-called " "but also benefited from the painful efforts of the last seven to eight years.All of them are members of the CAF elite referee and are reused by the AFC.It is also normal.

Before the current Asian Cup, many years ago the referee of the Chinese Football Federation is absent from several major international events. Since Mu Yuxin became a "substitute" in the South Africa World Cup referees team in 2010, the Chinese referee has not entered the circle of World Cup law.

In the future, important events will be

In most upcoming matches, the AFC will reuse the Federation umpire. Judging by the current development trend of the Asian Cup Referee, the possibility that the Chinese refereeing team continues to be reused is very large. The person also boldly predicted that "the team of Chinese referees will definitely have the opportunity to be named next even in the key games of the 16 in 8, 8 in 4 knockouts. As for whether they can go all the way, in addition to see In addition to law enforcement performance, is also based on the results of the Chinese team in this tournament. "(肖 赧)


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