Three revenge! Substitution of Suo Shuai for a strange effect


Original Title: Three Revenge! Substitution of Suo Shuai for a strange effect

After a game that had to be won, the England team did not disappoint the fans of the House The Three Lions Regiment stopped at Wembley Stadium and defeated Croatia, winning this crucial battle that can reverse the game and have some credit. Thanks to coach Sosgate, it was Sohuan's substitution adjustment in the second half, which directed the reversal of folklore At the same time, after the World Cup, Southgate's innovation in England's tactics Play a key role.

World Cup this summer in Russia, 3-1-4-2 Southgate formation for this England team is impressive, this training gives the full game to the attributes of the midfielder's organization and schedule, while the two Wei wings too has very good performance. After the opening of the European National League this season, Southgate did not always use the three guard system, but gradually changed the formation to 4-3-3 that most players can adapt.

This match against Croatia, the front line attack Trident is still Kane + Sterling + Rushford, Lingard of Manchester United and Tottenham Ali did not start, England's final offensive continued the previous National championship performance against Spain, constantly playing the ball behind the opponent to create many excellent opportunities to break into the door, this is also a positive effect brought by the Shuai Shuai, but unfortunately Kane and Sterling are in the middle, the opportunity was lost in succession, England could have led the scoreboard in the first half, and the result was just a draw.

England in the second half confirmed the law wasted the opportunity to be punished, and Croatia took advantage of a small number of opportunities, with Kramaric breaking the lead. The England behind the scoring has no choice but to continue increasing the offensive. At this point, Southgate made a key replacement adjustment. In the 73rd minute, Southgate replaced Lingard and Sancho. It did not take long for the substitutions, England equalized the score, and was the substitute Lingard who played for England.

After 78 minutes, England opened the ball with his right foot in the penalty area, but Kann fired the shot and before the ball touched, Lingard responded quickly and gave the shot to help England tie. At the same time, the prelude to the three-lion counterattack was also started.

In the previous warm-up match against the US team, Lingard scored a goal. This game, Lingard again scored the goal. This is the Lin Jiade three lions. For the first time in his career, he scored for England in two consecutive games, and Lingard scored two goals in England's first 20 games. England's last two games, Lingard, have already scored two goals.

It is worth mentioning that, after winning the game, England also completed revenge against Croatia. World Cup this summer in Russia, England was eliminated in Croatia in the semi-final, the three lions may say that heart loss is not willing, and now England can finally beat Croatia a shame, England not only won the first place, but also sent directly to Croatia to downgrade.

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