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The hotel, as a friend who travels often in the countryside, can be quite familiar. You can enjoy a variety of unique styles around the world, but I believe this hotel is definitely not seen before. This hotel is located in Niigata, Japan, called Dream House.From the way it is a rather quaint hotel. But the hotel has a slightly different regulation. The hotel has only four rooms in total, ie red, blue, green and purple. The color of each room is also very different.

There is no bed in this hotel, no classic Japanese tatami, replaced with a piece of furniture similar to a coffin in the room, and even the clothes are worn by the owner.

At the same time, if you dreamed that night, you will be prompted to write the dream content in a black book. And you can still see the dreams recorded by the people before, some of these things are normal and some are absurd, and the nightmare should not be considered as a whole.

This hotel has two floors, one for dining and bathing, and the second for sleeping. At the same time, in the hotel room, there is an obsidian that helps you sleep, so you can sleep quickly. (But you have to wear the overalls provided)


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