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2018-12-13 01:16:38 Source: Science and Technology Daily

Science and Technology Daily, Kunming, December 12 (Reporter Zhao Hanbin) The Astronomical Group of Double and Variable Star Astronomical Observance of the Chinese Academy of Sciences recently made an important research result in the field of dense double stars. They are working on one star white dwarf double star Retriever DE. After a long period of monitoring and analysis, evidence is given that there is a common disk of double-tape material and a gigantic, wood-like planet spinning around it. The international astronomical journal Astrophysics Magazine has published the latest results online.

The DE Retriever is a near binary system consisting of a white dwarf star and a late-type main sequence star whose orbital plane is parallel to the line of sight, causing the two sub-stars to conceal and cover themselves. This type of white dwarf and star of the main sequence have experienced a phase of evolution of the public coating. Hence, it is very important and interesting to discover and study the exoplanets that revolve around them.Solution of scientific problems will deepen the evolution of the formation of the planet and ordinary coating. New understanding

Since March 2009, Han Zhongtao and other members of the Yunnan Observatory Double Stars and Stars Research Group have used several small and medium-sized telescopes to continuously monitor the Retriever DE and combined with data released by the American Association of Variable Observers , have found that their orbit is fast. Attenuation, while also thinking that the period exhibits a periodic oscillation with a span of 28 seconds. The fast-attenuation orbit reveals that a disc of common double-tape material is extracting angular momentum from the system. The mass of the disk is in the range of a few tenths of a thousand to a few thousandths of a Sun; the periodic oscillation of small amplitudes reveals the distance in the dog. There is a giant wood-like planet in about 6 astronomical units. Detailed calculations show that the mass of the giant planet is 0.01 times the mass of the Sun and is moving along a nearly circular orbit. These findings indicate that the DE Retriever is a special dense binary system with a double-tape material disc and a giant wood-like planet. In addition, they also proposed that the giant planet may belong to the second generation of planetary objects, the same source of the common two-star disk, which is formed during the period of evolution of the public coating.


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