Thursday , July 29 2021

The Thai poster is released National Football: For love,

The Thai poster is released: I am determined to love it! I hope the Chinese men's soccer team can win the main battle of the Asian Cup.

At 10 am Beijing time, the Chinese men's soccer team will welcome their first 2019 Olympic Cup knockout match, and their opponent is the Thai team that had already crushed the national football by 5 to 1 .

As always, the Chinese football team has officially launched pre-game posters before the competition, and the theme of this poster is: Be passionate about love!

The Chinese football official wrote, "Today at 10 pm, the Chinese team will usher in the Asian Cup 2019 knockout phase. Our belief in moving forward has never faltered, and we will do our best for love!"

In this poster, the leader of the men's soccer team, team captain Zheng Zhi and the team's tactical core, Wu Lei, become the two protagonists, which also indicates that they should debut in the game tonight.

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