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Sanchez Manchester United striker under the "crazy" Mourinho, the original opportunity is not much, and this season suffered frequent injuries, so he came to the idea of ​​leaving Manchester United, and British media "The Sun" also revealed this A Chilean national team was beaten by his girlfriend Rodriguez, and was told that the stadium was frustrated.

Sanchez's love affair has been frustrated, he has returned to China to deal with physical and mental injuries, and Britain's The Sun believes he will go to Manchester United. (Photo: AFP archive photo)

(Manchester United, 8th) Manchester United striker Sanchez is under the "crazy" Mourinho, there is not much chance, and this season suffered injuries, so he came to the idea of ​​leaving Manchester United, and the media British recent "The Sun" also revealed that the Chilean national team was beaten by his girlfriend Rodriguez, but the stadium was twice frustrated.

Sanchez, 29, moved to Manchester United in January and led a weekly salary of £ 500,000. However, this old Arsenal "Sangdao" failed to integrate into the madman's tactical system after reaching Old Trafford, the performance is much lower than the price and years in the Arsenal.

Mu Shuai has become less and less sanchez, so he can not play the main force, and he will leave Manchester United and find another home.

To add insult to injury, the state was not found, Sanchez was hit by injuries, according to British media Sky Sports news, Manchester United allowed Sanchez to return to Chile to treat leg injuries. Mourinho has already announced that Sanchez will be reimbursed in 2018. Sanchez will miss at least six Red Devils games due to hamstring injuries.

Coming back to China for treatment, I will not go back to Manchester United

"The Sun" revealed that Sanchez had left Manchester United in advance to return to Chile, he asked to return to the country to treat the tendon injury, on the other hand, to spend Christmas in his hometown, by the way of treating the lesion.

"The Sun" also analyzed that this match may be a precursor to the farewell to Sang Shen, he will never return to the Red Devils, because after the winter window is opened, Sanchez will be sold by Manchester United.

For Sanchez, the current days can not be worse, because he also broke up with his girlfriend, the humor of Chile's thighs fell to the bottom.

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