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2019-01-29 10:09:03 Source: China News Net

Image source: Guoan official microblogging.Image source: Guoan official microblogging.


BEIJING, Jan. 29, Beijing, Guoan issued a message in his Weibo announcing that the club officially signed the South Korean defender, and he will wear the number 2 shirt in the new season. At the Asian Cup of the United Arab Emirates, Kim Min Jong helped South Korea reach the quarter-finals as their main defender and broke their national football goal in the group stage.

The full text of Guoan's announcement is as follows:

South Korean midfielder Kim Min Jong officially joined the Zhonghe Guoan football club in the 2019 season. He will represent Beijing Zhonghe Guoan in the Superliga, AFC Champions League and FA Cup.

Jin Hao was born in the Korean campus football system and studied at Tongying Primary School, Suwon Technology High School and Yonsei University. In 2016, Jin Hao joined the Korean third-level team of the Gyeongju Water Conservancy. With excellent performance during the water conservation period in Gyeongju, he signed with the Quanmen Quanbei Modern K-League in the first half of the year, and helped Quanbei Modern win two K-League champion trophies.

In 2017, Kim Min Jong, 21, was selected for the Korean team and gradually became the main force in the Asian Championships of the World Cup 12. In 2018, Kim Min Jong also won the men's soccer championship at the Asian Games of Jakarta with the Korean Olympic team. In 2019, Kim Min Jong followed the South Korean team as the main central defender to reach the quarter-finals of the Asian Cup. This Asian Cup played well at both ends of the attack and defense and scored two goals in the groups.

As center back Kim Min Jong has excellent physical, strength and speed and flexibility. Kim Min Jong has a strong defense forecasting capability and can often start and end in advance. In addition, its long pass accuracy, excellent ability to head, can immediately hit the ball after theft to complete a fast counter-attack, can also use the header to break the ball in the ball positioning attack. The union of Jin Hao will bring updates to both sides of Beijing Zhonghe Guoan.

In the 2019 season, Kim Min Jong will be wearing the Beijing Zhong He Guoan No. 2 shirt for the club. (End)


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