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The new drama screen shows the collision of "adolescence" and "menopause"


Poster with "Dad is going to study abroad"

Poster "Youth Pie"

Family dramas focused on educational issues have always been the focus of the audience, and many of them are able to pique the audience and resonate. Recently, the Juvenile School and the Eastern TV series "Daily Going to Study Abroad," which are being broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV, have focused on family education topics from different angles, sparking heated discussions among the public. In the "Pie of Youth",
Yan Ni's mother, Wang Shengnan, broke the heart of Lin Miaomiao's daughter, who was entering high school. All means were strictly controlled, and many onlookers lamented and saw her mother's shadow. The "study abroad" and "study reading" mentioned in "Bringing with the father to study abroad" also allow the public to think about it, and it is not appropriate for your children to study abroad.

Seeing the growing story of laughter in the TV series, the public may also want to reflect on their own education: what is the best education? How do parents and children grow together?

"The same mother in the same world", "Tiger Mom" ​​and "Cat Dad" are very realistic

"Juvenile School" revolves around four families of high school students, and one of the three families is Lin Dawei (Zhang Jiayi), Wang Shengnan (Yan Ni), Lin Miaomiao (Zhao Jinmai)
Decoration) is the main perspective of the story. The story begins with the entrance of Lin Miaomei at Key High School. Lin Miaomiao's adolescence encounters Wang Shengnan's menopause, and conflicts escalate.

Like most educational TV dramas in the past, Lin Miaomiao's parents are also the characters of "Tiger Mom" ​​and "Cat Dad." The enlightened Lin Dawei advocated that her daughter's education should be based on understanding and supplemented by guidance. Therefore, in the face of the decline in her daughter's performance, he responded peacefully and first comforted him. More often, he also acts as a "harmony" between his daughter and his wife.

"Cat Dad" corresponds to "Tiger Mom". In the play, Yan Sheng played Wang Shengnan, who strictly watched her daughter's study and wants her to leave the station when she sees her daughter's decline, when she chooses arts and science, she insists on choosing science. In life, Wang Shengnan also had many demands on his daughter, and Lin Miaomiao lamented, "There's a kind of cold, and your mother thinks you have to wear long pants."

Whether it is "cat father" or "tiger mother", the family life shown by the "Youth School" makes the audience feel that the scene and the lines are very familiar. "I suspect the screenwriter is in my house." "It's the same world." "The same mother" "had to say that this drama is very real, it's the story of you and me." Especially Yan Ni played mother, many netizens shouted "I am my mother is wrong." Mothers who have children and children, on social networking site, said: "Looking at the" Youth Festival "is like looking at the mirror, the words of the daughter of Wang Shengnan, I also said all day … O what should I do?" I want to live on campus, I think my mood is the same as Yan Ni. "

"With the father to study abroad", in the context of studying abroad, I talked about the daily routine of "accompanying my father". In the play, Sun Honglei has created a paternal image that subverts traditional cognition, a concerned father who takes care of his son and has nothing to do with it. He cares about his son Huang Xiaodong and will make all kinds of ridiculous moves. However, he also has determination and courage of the father. Xin Xiaolei commented: "He is more like a mother".

Sun Honglei's "Stupid Dad" and "Warm Dad," Huang Chengdong laughed out loud to the audience: "To treat your son Huang Xiaodong, he is appropriate, considerate, selfless, warm as a spring breeze and the old mother is ashamed." However, his love is often not understood by his son, and even his son is angry. This situation has caused a lot of resonance, which makes people feel very sad. "The father and the son fight again and again, but at the same time they care about each other. He said that this parent-child relationship is a microcosm of the real relationship between parents and children. "

The protagonist said

As an actor and father, Sun Honglei and Yan Ni have their own opinions on educational issues.

Sun Honglei said, "Huang Chengdong is not so perfect.He is wrong.I hope some parents may have a role in their role after watching this movie.I am a parent, how should I be a parent? Compensate for the kindergarten class. "He believes that children should be respected," to build a healthy father and son. "

In real life, Yan Niyu has a 21-year-old daughter and said that on filming she will bring the feeling of relating to her daughter in the play. But when it comes to the education of her daughter, she thinks it is more important for her daughter to be happy. "A mother must love her children, but there can be many kinds of love."

As a child in family education, young actors also have their own feelings.

Guo Junchen, who plays "School" in the "Youth School", said: "I think that as each family is different, all parents have different expectations about their children. ".

Reflection of the public: parents and children need to grow together

Whether it is "Youth School" or "with the father to study abroad", the educational problems contained in it have always been the focus of the public. In family education, how to get along with children, how to strike a balance between "menopause" and "adolescence" encounters, is a question everyone needs to think about and explore.

Some viewers were deeply impressed by the three stages of the mother-daughter relationship summarized in the "Youth School". Lin Dawei believes that after her daughter lived in school, she would experience "every time, two dislikes and separation" between mother and daughter every weekend. "Three big steps." There are also audiences who are very impressed by Lin Dawei's suggestion that Wang Shengnan "does not always talk to the child in a negative and guilty tone, leaving you and your child alone for a long time." Some viewers believe that Wang Shengnan actually represents many mothers. "I hope children can become other people's daughters." It's understandable to ask for tall children. "

Whether it is Lin Dawei in the "Youth School" or Huang Chengdong in "With his father to study abroad", his father plays the role of "father" in the TV series. Huang Chengdong, played by Sun Honglei, went to study abroad, and his son's care was not well. However, because "the concern is chaotic," Huang Chengdong turned to "not at ease" by Huang Xiaodong in surveillance. Even on the way to school and grass on campus, Huang Xiaodong found the "look" of Huang Chengdong …

Excessive attention from parents to children makes the child unhappy. In the "Youth Party," Lin Miaomiao said: "In addition to me, there are still many things that deserve attention in the world, how do you see me? "Take a father to study abroad." Huang Xiaodong is quite helpless. The voices of these children let the audience in front of the TV reflect on themselves: what is the best way to express their love and concern for children? So-called growth is not so much a parent's "guide" to the child, but a process parents and children experience together.

Taking the drama of the TV series as a mirror, some viewers realized that in family education there is no cowardice and weakness, and there is no voice. Parents need to play different roles, but all have the same importance. "Parents must grow up, children grow up for the first time, parents are parents for the first time, everyone must be tolerant and caring."

Creative concept:

Parenting is a battle with the past

As a writer for "Juvenile School," Liu Liu was revealed in the "Only Years Are Not Deceived" essay collection. When I wrote "Youth School," my friend Zhang Jia translated it.
"What do you want to express in this work?" She replied, "A complete life." Sixty-six thought, "Our life, after having children, is to renew our own childhood, youth, youth, middle age. We are angry with ourselves, we are patient, we are ourselves, we commit and, in the end, we grow alone. "

Sixty-six believe that everyone is responsible for their own life, not responsible for their children. "Now the misunderstanding of education is not for children, but for parents." Parents have misunderstandings about their own knowledge and misunderstanding of the cognition of their children. She believes that parents should "cultivate themselves." To alleviate anxiety. "

Yao Xiaofeng, director of "Going to study with his father", revealed that the original intention of the film was due to his real experience: "When my son was 16, I sent him to study abroad, I accompanied him to the exams, interviews, and parties.In many places, I met many parents and children, we had a circle of friends and we talked a lot, I also accumulated lots of & # 39; zero cognition & # 39; material to become a & # 39; Yao Xiaofeng personally posed "Bringing with Dad to Study Abroad" as a comedy: "We must cross the relaxed and happy path, slowly delve into the inner world of the characters and then explore family issues and social issues. "

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