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The movie "Network Mystery" was released today. At the same time, there is also a special edition of "Everyone has a secret" and the last poster of the Chinese version. In the poster, John Zhao Xing lost in the keyboard world, trying to find clues from his missing daughter, and the computer screen is full of information about his daughter's social networking site. As the special series wants to express, in today's society, everyone hides the secrets they do not want to be known. If you break the Internet, you will know more about that person.

In North America, "Network Mystery" won the "Next Generation Audience Award" and "Alfred Sloan Feature Film" awards at the Sundance Film Festival. With this wind full of suspense to Asia, the film was released in South Korea the following week.

After the daughter gave her father the last PassTime in the movie, the world evaporated, so the father began to investigate his whereabouts through all of his daughter's social accounts and network relationships. However, in the Internet world, his daughter in the eyes of the sun is so lonely, and even suspected of money laundering by obtaining false documents, on the other hand, the suspects who led to the disappearance of the daughter also jumped one by one with the dialog box on the social networking site. To the public. When the lane is pushed aside a bit, what is the truth? The film follows the temptation to bring the audience to the perspective of the father, as if they were the perpetrators, and the audience admires: "It's like playing in an online version of the room to escape."

The whole story is almost always displayed on an electronic screen. The movie shows a vast online world: search engine, social media, video chat, VoIP, news site, live online broadcast … communication between people, The advancement of the story is entirely through typing and video chat. The audience is like a face-to-face video with the protagonist while feeling their joys and sorrows, while following your mouse to find clues, a strong sense of presence, let the audience experience a real immersion experience.

A general thriller, or the effect of pursuing convulsions and blood. However, after the "Web Puzzle" was released last week, it was rated "the most friendly thriller" by many viewers. In the original film, there was almost no scary lens, but was known for its wonderful story of reasoning. The description of the characters' emotions was also very delicate. The details of the father's careful dialogue with his daughter on the social network made people say " this is me". The feeling of life ".

After watching the film, the audience was particularly impressed by the role of the father. "The concern when facing her daughter, the pain when she lost her daughter, the anxiety when she was looking for her daughter, every expression was precisely in place," The scene "As all the stories of the film happen on a computer desktop, it can be said that the desktop of the computer has been completely transformed into a crime scene. To collaborate in this way, John Zhao will do a complete drama against the air and transmit emotions with his eyes and microexpressions.

In the film, she thought about meeting her daughter's father and boarding her social network after her daughter disappeared, and discovered that her daughter was not what she imagined. As the special series said, "Everyone has a secret. If you really want to meet a person, you need to understand the secrets." The father who discovered her daughter's secret began to reexamine the relationship. On the one hand, insert the search and rescue of the crazy network.

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