Saturday , October 23 2021

"The Last Night of the Earth" pre-sale breaks billions, far more than Bishop's debut –


  1. Pre-sales "The Last Night of the Earth" break billions, far surpassing Bishop's debut.
  2. "Last Night of the Earth" Tang Wei Huang Jue replays the love spell Liu Yanran Han Han group calls Call Liao Fan to drink the same wine as "Bungee" – Mtime Time Network Mtime Time Network
  3. And Tang Wei beat the game, the heart of Huang Jue is very strong, what affects the recording | Huang Jue | Tang Wei | "The Last Night of the Earth" Sina
  4. Young director Bi Wei: I have no fight with investors "The Last Night of the Earth" is an art film that can not be defined. "Mtime Time Network
  5. The soup "The Last Night of the Earth" is the only person to decorate the two corners of the film. The final prediction is that Huang Jue is drunk and dreams come together with precious people.
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