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2018-12-07 13:12:37 Source: Science and Technology Daily

American astronaut Armstrong set foot in the land of the moon.

According to relevant sources from the National Space Administration of China, China will launch the number 4 detector this month and plans to land on the back of the moon. By then, China will become the first country in the world to land on the moon.

As the nearest neighbor on earth, the moon is the largest celestial body visible to the human eye. For thousands of years, human literary works and even myths and legends are missing on the moon. A bright moon on the moon as bright as a jade will always inspire mankind. The brain hole was heavily weighted, and several rumors about the moon were widely publicized.


Rumors that the Apollo moon landing is forged

July 20, 1969 is a day in the history of mankind. On this day, the American astronaut Armstrong set foot in the land of the Moon and took a great step in humanity, becoming the first person to embark on the moon. However, some people think that the landing on Apollo's moon is forged, humans simply did not board the moon. The relevant scene was taken in the studio, and the photos were fake.

The "evidence" proposed by these lunar suspicions has four main points: First, the moon is the vacuum, why do astronauts insert the American flag on the surface of the moon and the national flag flutter in the wind? Secondly, astronauts with different heights have an almost high projection, which means that there is artificial intervention in the light source. Thirdly, why do some astronauts have two shadows in the case of only one source of sunlight? Fourth, Armstrong's footprints on the moon are very clear and can be artificially forged.

For these doubts, the academic of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ouyang Ziyuan once refuted. He said that the balance of the national flag is caused by inertia. When astronauts place the national flag on the surface of the moon, the flag will swing because of its unstable center of gravity, and the moon has no air resistance like the earth, then the swing will last for a long time; The problem is caused by the irregular surface of the Moon. If the shadow "passes" a large well, the shadow appears to be "short" in the photo, the ghost problem is caused by the probe, the probe made of metallic material. It has multiple refractory surfaces, reflecting sunlight at different angles, causing ghosts. The problem with shoe printing is that the surface of the moon is mostly powdered minerals. The surface of the raw powder has a large coefficient of friction. When a foot is stepped on, fine powder is easy. Get together so the footprints look particularly clear.

"Apollo landed more than 40 years later, and China's & # 39; Chang & # 39; & II ;, Japan's Moon Goddess Detector, & # 39; Moon Ship One & # 39; The lunar spacecraft, lunar modules, traces of wheels and experimental equipment of the Apollo astronauts on the moon have been found in a number of high-resolution images. A large number of legacy items prove that Luo Dengyue is true. "Zheng Yongchun, a researcher at the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, told the reporter for the Science and Technology Daily.

Alien rumors on the back of the moon

Under the influence of Earth's gravity, we can only see one side of the moon, and the back never shows people. This also makes the back of the moon a mysterious place. For this reason, there are many rumors about the back of the Moon. The most famous is the alien on the back of the Moon. The aliens even laid a foundation there.


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